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  W e have access to such amazing resources, all of us, and not just physical technology – but spiritual technology, as well. Yet, we rarely take full advantage of it. We blame our failures on lack of resources and outside factors; however, it’s never external!   Throughout our year we can access certain windows in time when ...

Empathy, Intuition, & Fish

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We are entering the month of Pisces (the Latin plural of fish) symbolized by two fish, swimming in opposite directions. Kabbalistically, water symbolizes mercy and good fortune. Pisces' ruling planet, Jupiter, is the planet of abundance. With influences like these it is no small wonder that Pisceans are such compassionate and generous people.  Born to share, they are devoted and ...

Less Work, More Fun!

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"Marriage requires work!  No days off! Constant effort!"   It’s true, absolutely. But let’s reframe the conversation. If you want your love to grow, you have to nurture your relationship. But don’t think of the effort in terms of stamina or hard work, rather fight for your relationship, but not in the way you are probably currently doing ...

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