Fearless with Monica Berg

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Fears. We all have them. Join me as I take us through the meaning of our fears, the different kinds, and where they come from. Rav Berg cautioned that fear is not to be trusted and certainly not to be acted upon. Learn real steps we can take to free ourselves from the grasp of our fears so ...

Are you in control of your emotions or do they control you?  

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  Emotions are immensely powerful and they can be our greatest asset in our spiritual growth and connection to the Creator. After all, they are key in decision making and can tell us (if we listen) whether or not we are on the right course in life. Unhappiness is often an indication of something needing to ...


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One night, when my oldest daughter Miriam was just a few months old, I was rocking her to sleep when – quite suddenly – I started to feel tingling in my body. It began in my right arm, then moved to my left, then to my legs, and then my tongue. In a flash, my ...

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