Screaming Rider, Rampaging Elephant Ravage Bakery

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Back in April I wrote a blog about how we are all of two minds, because in addition to our brain, it has been discovered that our digestive systems are sentient, too — making decisions and responding to our environment in radically different and measurable ways. If you want to read that post here’s a ...


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I recently watched a very funny skit (I thought so anyway) starring Bob Newhart as a psychiatrist. The gist of it is that a woman comes in and complains of being plagued by an irrational fear. The psychiatrist (Newhart) explains his billing schedule, $5 for the first 5 minutes (he assures her it will not take ...

Flip the Switch

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Cause and effect (karma) is a spiritual idea that is much talked about. We understand it in terms of how our actions and even our thoughts have consequences. We reference the laws of physics, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It’s basic science 101. We then call this a universal law ...

The Gift

Kabbalistically, it is believed and taught that “bad” things are opportunities for amazing growth. What we perceive as “bad” is really a gift cloaked in a highly unflattering disguise. Challenges, if we choose to see it this way, can help us grow, make us stronger and wiser, and essentially we become better for them.


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