The Curiosity Cure-All

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Kabbalists teach that our purpose in this world is to change our nature and one of the most powerful tools we’re given is this idea: Get uncomfortable. If you are content and comfortable then it’s likely you aren’t pushing yourself on your spiritual path.    This idea begs us to take a look around and shake things ...

I’ll Be Up Front

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If you take fitness classes you may have noticed the difference between the front row and back row, there’s such a drastic distinction that one could almost call them two separate cultures. In the back of class you’ll find people who are committed to staying in shape, just perhaps not every single day. They don’t ...

The ‘Perfect’ Road to Rosh Hashanah

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Before anything comes into existence there is a moment of perfection that precedes it. Kabbalist Rav Ashlag compares it to an architect who wants to build a beautiful house. Certainly he doesn’t begin to pour the foundation for a house that he hasn’t even thought of building yet! In those moments of inspiration when we ...

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