Q&A: Furnace

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“One of my neighbors has an outside furnace, which is causing a lot of challenges and health concerns.  The town council is unwilling to help.  We cannot afford to pack up and move – what advice can you offer me?” Monica addresses how to get out of a toxic situation, despite how challenging it may appear. ...

Feeling Stuck

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“I don’t know if the guy I’m with is the man for me, or if I’m the woman for him.  I am terribly confused.  I keep thinking about my ex and what that relationship was like.  Can you help me, please? Often we find ourselves stuck comparing our current partners with our ex’s.  Monica advises a ...

Food doesn’t fill the void

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This is a message from a reader that submitted a question about snacking – see my video question & answer post here. Hi Monica, I'm the girl who emailed you earlier about the snacking question, which you just answered on your blog. Thank you so much for answering it; you really helped. ...


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“I need to eat healthier and lose weight, but I snack relentlessly all day, even when I am not hungry.  I do this out of boredom and depression. How can I change this habit with spiritual consciousness?" Monica addresses a reader’s concern with her constant snacking habit, and tries to access the root of the dilemma. ...

Q&A: Love Last

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“What are the keys for nourishing a relationship – especially the beginning of a new one?” The beginning of any relationship can be a mix of feelings, hopes and unknowns.  Monica addresses building lasting relationships with openness and honesty. (more…)

Q&A: Food, Food, Food

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“After dealing with a small case of anorexia, I’ve developed a very strange eating habit.  There are days when I feel great and others when I’m completely out of control.  Is there anyway I can stop this?” A reader reaches out to Monica in an attempt to rid herself of some recently developed food habits.  Monica ...

Q&A: Smothered

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“My partner and I are in very different places emotionally and spiritually.  He really wants to make it work but I cannot stop feeling that something in the relationship is lacking.  Do you have any advice?” “Deal with what’s RIGHT for you, not with what’s wrong with your PARTNER.”  A woman feels that her relationship with ...

Q&A: Don’t Limit Love

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“I am a student of Kabbalah and find it difficult to date men who do not study.  Should I only date men at the Centre or is it possible to build a relationship with someone who is unfamiliar with any form of spirituality?” Monica expresses her keen insight on this matter. (more…)

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