Aquarius: Connection with a Cause

January 9, 2024
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No challenge too big, passionately independent, and nothing can stop you… this is the energy of the month of Aquarius. It is time for all of us to go beyond our nature, to shift our perspective from limited to limitless, and to solve problems with a renewed consciousness. Aquarians are the rebels with a cause, and whether we were born under this sign or not, we will all get a chance to reinvent the status quo.

Aquarians are rebellious by nature, but they are also idealists. They are not seeking to create chaos but rather to change the world through original thinking and by defying convention. They are known in the cosmic realm to be a channel for improving the world—the do-gooders of the cosmos—standing for justice, challenging power structures, and speaking for those who cannot.

While this sounds absolutely marvelous, each sign comes with its own less charming attributes.

Contrary to cultural belief, Aquarians are actually the most stubborn of all the signs. (You’re welcome, Taurus!) These folks reject the establishment and fight tooth and nail to maintain their individuality. Their freedom is of the utmost importance, and they detest confinement of any sort. I know Aquarians quite well. My son and oldest sister were born under this sign, so take it from me, trying to tell an Aquarius what to do or how to do it is a fool’s errand. Their desire for freedom is equaled only by their pride. (Sorry, Leos, Aquarians take the prize here, too.) While they are known as the humanitarian of the zodiac, interpersonally, they can seem aloof.

This is why the challenge and focus this month—no matter the sign we are born under—is removing our pride and practicing radical empathy. This is the time to reexamine the ways we have let our ego run the show, even, and especially, when we are doing something “good.” Aquarians live for activism, and although they will move Heaven and Earth for a global cause, they very often lack a natural emotional connection with others. Often, this can be a gift. If, for example, an Aquarian’s humanitarianism is focused on providing aid to a war-torn country, emotional distance from the distress of hundreds in pain is a requirement. They wouldn’t be able to offer their practical and very needed help if they were a heaping mess of emotional overwhelm.

However, a majority of us are not on the front lines in our everyday lives, and fostering emotional connection in times of difficulty—or even times of celebration and joy—is a muscle we all can learn to flex.

As you welcome the new moon of Aquarius, ask how you may be pushing away those closest to you. Be mindful of treating everyone you meet with respect, giving the benefit of the doubt in every situation, and becoming aware of when you are withholding love and kindness. This is no easy feat; being brutally honest with ourselves about why we find it easier to be kind to one person and not another takes real humility. Seeing the world through the eyes of someone very different than you requires vulnerability and emotional intelligence. But it is the worthiest of causes.

How compassionate can you be with every person you meet—including yourself?

True spirituality means becoming one with humanity, not being above it. Challenge yourself this month to see the human being behind everyone in your life: your boss, your mother, your child. Where is the common humanity you share with your co-workers? The barista who makes your coffee? Your babysitter? The person you admire most? The unhoused person begging for money on the street corner?

How differently would you walk through the world knowing that you are not any better, nor are you any less deserving, than anyone else? Think about that for a moment. If nothing else changed except your awareness of your shared humanity with everyone, how would your day look?

My guess is that kindness would flow effortlessly, compassion would come naturally, and connection would be the order of the day. If we can all use the magic of empathy, vulnerability, and kindness, we could change the world. This is exactly what Aquarius aims to do. It is a beautiful irony. A perfect illustration of how going against your nature brings you the precise growth you are seeking.

My husband, Michael, illustrates this so perfectly and simply:

“Think about a world where the majority of people are listening and ready to help when they see a need or when they see a lack. One can imagine then that most of the pain and suffering can be eliminated. This is the world we must be striving and working towards.”

Aquarians want to change the world; they want to challenge faulty leadership and create an experience that is equal and supportive for everyone. I think it goes without saying this is something the world is in desperate need of… and all of us can do our part to usher it in. This month, we have the opportunity to do just that by acting on our big ideas but doing so with kindness and, as always, with our fellow humans in mind.

How do you want to change the world? How can you take action toward this that is based on compassion and kindness? Maybe it is striving to listen more, be more present for your loved ones, or give back to your community in a new way. Share your ideas with someone today; you never know where it might lead…


  1. Jonathan Daniel Kruger Erbstein : January 19, 2024 at 2:42 am

    Thank you, I will try! Light and Love

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