Aquarius: Focus on the Light

January 3, 2019
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This weekend, we welcome the new moon of Aquarius. It is an opportunistic month. Creativity and inspiration are in abundance, and the energy is inspiring and energetic. Aquarians naturally have a wider view; they aren’t afraid to shake things up, and they are dedicated, almost ruthlessly, to revealing the truth in unexpected and major ways. The Zohar explains that it was on the first day of Aquarius that Moses first began revealing the secrets that we now call the wisdom of Kabbalah. It almost goes without saying that the month of Aquarius brings us all an opportunity to make some radical shifts.

Kabbalah teaches that the beginning of each month is a time of connection; a time to explore the challenges and gifts this window in time brings us so that we can apply this knowledge to our lives. After all, forewarned is forearmed. We’re only days into a brand new year and no matter what sign you were born under, we’re all feeling the electricity of possibility and a renewed energy to start making big things happens.

What is activating you this month? Where do you want to expand in your life? Where are you feeling called to be more creative? Where do you desire the most change? Meditating on these questions is an ideal way to utilize the positive energies of Aquarius in your life. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Their big-picture perspective, tireless dedication to changing things for the better, and commitment to vision make them the change-makers and wayshowers.

Something, we can all agree, is in serious need at this point in time.

However, each strength must also bring a weakness. For everything you want to do, there is something that holds you back. Just as Aquarius is creative and powerful, the dark side is a prideful stubbornness. For example, if you find yourself in a battle of wills with an Aquarian, don’t try to beat them with logic or future consequences; that will do nothing to sway them. Instead, placate them with commiseration – meet them at their emotions. Trust me, I have two close family members who are Aquarians, and this is a tried and true method. The bottom line; don’t tell an Aquarian what to do! The shadow side of their activist nature is an equally powerful ego.

It is for this precise reason that Aquarians hold great potential to share Light while also having the potential to let their egos get out of control. This is a challenge for Aquarians and for every one of us during the month of Aquarius. The mandate is to stay focused on the Light—the possibility, the positive change, the joy—instead of fighting the darkness.

Based on news headlines alone, we can very quickly recite everything that is wrong in the world; from global-warming to threatened civil rights to war and conflict overseas and at home. We see people marching in the streets, going to door-to-door to gather signatures, and speaking out at rallies against injustice, violence, and division. While these are worthy causes and actions, it can be very easy to be overly focused on what’s wrong instead of shifting that same focus to supporting and sustaining what’s working.

For example, if you feel energized to help heal our planet, you can start by looking for organizations that have created beneficial advances in these areas and supporting them in whatever way you’re able. Panthera, a conservation group dedicated to protecting 40 species of wild cat, has, along with the Zoological Society of London, helped to double the population of the endangered wild tigers in Nepal and will continue to work to boost those numbers. Then there’s the Ocean Clean-up Project that is currently working to remove 50% of the plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch over the next 5 years.

This is a perfect example of Aquarius energy at work. Instead of fighting the powers that be, these people, organizations, and groups are harnessing their own power to create the change they want to see. And it’s working.

This kind of self-mobilization magic works in our communities, but let’s also focus this magic on the micro: our own lives. What areas of your life are you currently looking to overhaul? What big positive change do you dream about making in your life this year?

Whatever it is, I’ll bet you’re really clear on all the reasons it either won’t work, will take too long, or will be too difficult. On this eve of Aquarius, I invite you instead to list some reasons that it can and will work, and focus your attention there instead.

Are you looking to lose weight in the new year? Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the thought of meal prepping every week, scheduling workouts every day, and thinking about how long it will take to see results, decide on a big picture plan. Then throw it out. Bring your focus back to the present and focus on what you can do today to bring about this change. Go on a walk, choose a smoothie for lunch, sign-up for an evening yoga class, or cut out sugar for a week.

How about going back to school to get your degree? Instead of focusing on the expenses, the time commitment, and whether you have what it takes, get clear about what is required to finish. Then look at the list, and decide what you can do today to get started. Perhaps a few of the general classes can be taken for a much more cost-effective price through extension programs and community college classes. Take advantage of on-campus support such as day-care, gyms, and health care offerings. Look for all the ways the problems are solvable today.

During Aquarius, it is all about setting your highest vision and then bringing your focus back to the supportive, positive steps you can take every day to bring that vision about. As tangles present themselves and challenges inevitably arise, keep going back to your vision. Don’t get caught up in what’s wrong, in the negativity of others, or in your own fears and worries. As you choose certainty over doubt and go about creating positive change in every way you can, you become an example of what is possible. You inspire others and set off a ripple effect of possibility and inspiration.

Before we know it, an entire population of people is moving away from the problem and walking toward innovation and creation. Your first step truly can change the world. And that is as Aquarian as it gets.


What is your vision? Describe it in detail, and create a list of steps that are required to bring it about. If thoughts of doubt creep in, write them down and then replace them with positive action. Not familiar with the technology needed to build your website? Partner up with a friend who is, or invite a younger family member to show you the ropes. I would love to hear what you’re working toward so be sure to share it below!


  1. A new career in the profession of writing… I feel like it will come once I get started. It’s the initial, baby steps that have held me back, realizing that starting an hour or two of work a day, in the beginning, are giant leaps of progress. Finishing (beginning) is my challenge.

    • Hello David! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your vision. The kabbalists teach that the seed level or consciousness of any action is the most important stage in the process. When we identify our desires and infuse them with a consciousness of sharing from the onset, we energize our goals with Light and blessings. The first step is often the most difficult, but the most essential. You are well on your way to achieving great things. Love and Light to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m working on moving into filmmaking. I broke my To-Do List down into bite-sized pieces, smaller projects that I can work on without feeling overwhelmed but also where I can train my “creative muscle” and learn more skills. It’s so much fun but also adds some joy to my everyday life. Happy 2019! PS: I’m Aquarius myself and it does get better once your more aware of the dark side :-)))

  3. Thank you for this very reaffirming post. I am an Aquarian and I am very aware of everything your have mentioned about our « traits ». Thank you because I need to hear it all from another perspective so that I can step out of my own way. Your I sightful questions to ask oneself are super helpful. I love your posts on Instagram and am so happy to be a subscriber to your blog. ❤️ And love your book that I reread again and again. Blessings of love and Light to you !

  4. Es muy real en mi vida, las palabras que escribiste, quiero empezar un negocio por web, pero no sé cómo y hasta ahí llego

  5. My vision since graduating from Hunter College in NY with a BA in creative writing in December of 2002, is to write inspiring, conscious scripts that reveal universal messages to contribute to the shift in consciousness of all of humanity. These are my intentions from the heart. To help humanity understand that love is the foundation, root and seeds to bring forth the beginning of a positive shift and healing in life. I’ve encountered many trepidations since I graduated from college (including a recent miscarriage at 41 and don’t have any children yet – yes it hurt) and realized that I’ve given so much of my energy to that darkness until I had a shift in consciousness again through my genuine desire to not only heal, but to also reignite the passion to use my talents to help the world and help them to helping others so that we can all collectively and connected begin shifting humanity to a place of love, peace, unity and positive energy. My challenge has been discipline, and I’m starting to plant the seed each day with a morning prayer, gratitude affirmations, at least an hour of writing per day and an half to an hour of reading positive books, including the messages I receive via email from the Kabbalah Centre. Thanks Monica! ❤️??

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