Aquarius: Radical Compassion

January 18, 2018
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When no challenge is too big; when you’re feeling light as a feather but also passionate and driven; when suddenly nothing seems to get you down–We must be in Aquarius.

The energy of the month of Aquarius is expansive and active. It is the time to not just push against your nature but to soar beyond it. To break free from all limitations standing in your way and solve problems with a renewed consciousness. It is our opportunity to find and embody our inner rebel. And to give that rebel a cause.

Aquarians are known in the cosmic world to be a channel for improving the world; they are the astrological do-gooders. Seeking justice for all is their mission and challenging the status quo is one of the ways they go about that mission.

Because of this rebellious nature, they can be idealistic and strive to change the world through original thinking, and by defying convention. Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Mozart were all born to this sign and stand as searing examples of true visionaries; whether it be through radical fearlessness, the pushing of boundaries, or dedication to creativity.

While not all of us are born under the sign of Aquarius, we are all affected by this month’s influence. We all get to harness the energy of Aquarius and apply it to our lives. However, to do so in the most meaningful way, we must understand the positive aspects of this energy as well as the negative.

Aquarians are by far the most stubborn of all the signs. (You may have thought that honor was held by Taurus but nope! Aquarians, take the cake.) They reject establishment and fight tooth and nail to maintain their individuality and their freedom to exercise their inventive ideas. They detest confinement of any sort. I know Aquarians quite well – my older sister and my son have birthdays just a day apart in Aquarius. Suffice it to say, I have learned that trying to tell an Aquarius what to do or how to do it will get you nowhere. The challenge of Aquarius lies in their pride and their propensity to lack sensitivity for those around them.

Which brings us to the invitation of this month, the way that we can bring the energy of Aquarius through us and into our lives as positively as possible. We do so be enacting radical compassion.

True spirituality means being one with humanity, not above it, and that’s not possible without compassion. Compassion is defined as an empathic consciousness of others’ distress mixed with a desire to alleviate it. “Aquarians” and “Compassion” could be interchangeable in that sentence and yet it’s where the challenge is as well.

You might think “I’m a pretty compassionate person already” or “compassion isn’t difficult for me,” but I’m going to ask you to stretch.

Do you have compassion for the person who hurt you?

Do you have compassion for a political figure that you disagree with?

Do you have compassion for yourself?

Compassion is similar to kindness in this way: it’s easy to give when we want to give it. Our work this month, while we’re out blazing trails and pushing boundaries, is cultivating compassion that is as equally bold and life-changing. Here are a few ways to practice this kind of compassion this month:

Give When You Resist

Research on the nature of compassion shows that most human beings are wired for kindness. For example, when you see someone in the grocery store drop a can of soup, there is an impulse to pick it up and hand it to them. But over time, society teaches us who deserves empathy and who doesn’t. Ever heard someone say they don’t want to give money to a homeless person because “they’ll just spend it on drugs or alcohol?”

Setting an intention to extend kindness, no matter how small, when you feel your judgment or feel resistant can be a powerful exercise in compassion. Each day, plan to give where you otherwise wouldn’t, and see how this shifts your experience.

Listen Fully

Think of the last time someone was talking with you, if you’re honest, how much of your attention did you give them? Did you check your phone? Interrupt them? Maybe you listened for a little bit then something they said reminded you that need to text a person back, or send that email, or call your mother, or . . .

Active listening is a cornerstone of compassion, and while it’s difficult to admit, we rarely do it. This month, practice fully engaging in your conversations with others, ask questions, and manage your need to interject. What will follow is a deeper understanding of the other person — and yourself.

Nurture Curiosity

Learning, growing, engaging, and being present begin with asking questions. Curiosity opens us up, and when we are open, we can connect. It is true of our relationships with others and with ourselves.

When someone does or says something that irks us, ask a question. “Why is this triggering me?” Get curious about where they could have been coming from. This process might be uncomfortable, it might inspire resistance, but that’s a good thing! It’s a hint that we’re transforming.

Aquarius, or Shevat in Hebrew, often symbolizes redemption. This is because Aquarians perceive the world as unified, and kabbalists consider unity to be the basis of true redemption, or better put, restoration – a time when all negativity is cleansed from our world, and when humanity is free from fragmentation. This can not, and will not, occur without compassion no matter how inspiring or groundbreaking our actions are.

My husband, Michael, has spoken about this very topic:

“Think about a world where the majority of people are listening and ready to help when they see a need or when they see lack. One can imagine, then, that the majority of pain and suffering would be eliminated. This is the world we must be striving towards.”



How can you change the world? Listen more and talk less. If someone upsets you, try to see if there is something you can learn from the message. Do what’s uncomfortable – whatever that means to you – share your experience in the comment section.






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