Aries: 12 Days, 12 Ways to Manifest Your Destiny!

March 21, 2023
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If you’re looking for a way to change your future for the better, you’re in luck! As the first month in the Kabbalistic calendar, the month of Aries (Nissan in Hebrew) offers a powerful practice to set the course for all the months ahead. Enter The Aries 12-Day Challenge!

Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) taught that the first 12 days of Aries are directly aligned with the energies of the next 12 months of the year. By tapping into each day’s cosmic potential—starting from day one (corresponding to the month of Aries) to day two (corresponding to Taurus), and so on through the zodiac—we can manifest our destiny for the year ahead!

Here’s a summary of the celestial opportunity each day offers, along with key questions to guide you in maximizing the potency of the moment:

March 23 (Aries): Begin the new month by looking outside of yourself and helping others. Consider past mistakes or regrets, and find ways to make amends. Set your focus outward and see what’s needed most in your family, community, and beyond, and then take a step today toward making a difference. Access your inner empath and attune yourself to others’ experiences, not just your own. ASK: What can I do for someone else today?

March 24 (Taurus): Seek out newness! Kabbalah teaches us to embrace discomfort by stretching outside of our comfort zones. Today, do something that makes you (even a little) uncomfortable. Try a new food…walk a new path… take an adventure or make a new friend. It only takes one change to spark radical transformation in our lives. ASK: How can I shake up my routine today? Where in my life can I say YES to change?

March 25 (Gemini): This is a day to stay the course and finish tasks. The energy of Gemini can lead us to procrastinate, but we can also harness it as a call to action! So today, finish something that you’ve started. Or continue an ongoing task that you may otherwise have kept for a rainy day. If you’re up to starting something new, create a step-by-step plan, and start today. ASK: What will I start, continue, or finish today? And how will I hold myself accountable for seeing it through?

March 26 (Cancer): The PRESENT MOMENT is what matters most today. Stay tuned to what is, rather than to what was or will be. Count your blessings (writing them down may help!). If any thoughts, behaviors, or possessions have been holding you back, it’s time to leave them behind for good. Clear your closets, clear your mind, and realize that all of your power lies in THIS moment. ASK: What can I let go of today to create more space and energy in my life NOW?

March 27 (Leo): Leo brings out our magnetism and leadership qualities. This is the perfect day to step into your role as a leader and uniter. Remember, a great leader also models respect and genuine concern for others. Part of that means learning how to not just listen but to truly hear the thoughts and feelings of those around you and to act from empathy, rather than from ego. ASK: How can I lead with compassion and kindness today?

March 28 (Virgo): The cosmic quest of the Virgo is to relinquish the illusion of control. We may believe that we can steer the course of someone else’s actions or thoughts, but the truth is, we can only drive our own. And that is powerful in itself! Today, be true to yourself above all. Avoid judgment of others—and while you’re at it, give yourself the same courtesy. ASK: How can I understand more and judge less today?

March 29 (Libra): This day is all about TRUST. Know that you are on the right path, and don’t second guess yourself (that Libra energy can sometimes magnify our feelings of doubt). Each of us is on a journey that will lead us to where we need to be, as long as we connect with this certainty! Trust in the Light, and you will know the way. ASK: Which path (or activity or thought) makes me feel most aligned with the Light?

March 30 (Scorpio): Compassion is the focus today. With Scorpio’s emotional intensity influencing us, we may feel some mood swings or emotional turbulence. Find your inner calm, and remember all the goodness you possess. The more you cultivate self-love, the more you’ll be able to shed anger, jealousy, and other unproductive emotions and replace them with compassion. ASK: Am I holding onto negative emotions? How can I release them today and replace them with positive, loving thoughts and actions?

March 31 (Sagittarius): Today, think before you react. You don’t need to rush things; it’s better to fully understand all the possibilities before you proceed. Look for the things in your life you care the most about and examine what commitments or behaviors are not aligned with them. And when reacting to others, do the same: stop, think, and act with kindness! ASK: What matters most to me? What have I missed in the big picture, and how can I act and react with more care and sensitivity?

April 1 (Capricorn): This is a day to reconnect with relationships more deeply. Feel the love! Spread the love! In order to create more intimacy with others (and ourselves), we need to embrace vulnerability. Express your feelings and show your true colors to those closest to you. Achieving goals and acquiring “things” may have a place in our lives, but nothing brings more texture and richness to our days than the people we choose to keep close. ASK: How can I open myself to accept and give more love today?

April 2 (Aquarius): The Aquarian energy is one of deep independence and originality. Yet, in marching to the beat of our own drum, we may overlook or forget the value (and power!) of teamwork. Today, remember that you can be BOTH original (because you are!) AND part of something greater. This is an ideal day to find a new way to cooperate or collaborate with others. The rewards will be worth the effort! ASK: How can I move from the “me” to the “we” today?

April 3 (Pisces): You may feel particularly sensitive under the Piscean influence today. But instead of letting yourself spiral into feelings of victimhood or self-pity, harness that sensitivity into positive thoughts and emotions. Cultivate empathy. Choose joy, which is strong in the cosmic realm today! Release any blame, criticism, or guilt you’ve been harboring, and remember that you are both the driver and the vehicle in your own journey. ASK: How can I proactively create more joy and fulfillment in my life today?

Rav Berg compared Aries to the planting of seeds—it’s a month full of infinite potential. And luckily, the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars and is represented by the ram—both of which signify action. The Aries 12-Day Challenge invites us to actively clear the way for our best year ahead! So mark your calendar for each day’s unique power, and let the growing daylight of the season mirror the ever-increasing Light in you!

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