Aries: Seeds for a Thousand Forests

March 31, 2022
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As Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely observed, “The fruit is in the seed.” Think about it: one apple seed, for instance, holds the potential for all the fruits on all the trees that may come from that single kernel. Holding it is like holding a thousand forests in the palm of your hand!

When Aries arrives (Nissan in Hebrew), we are like that seed. Our choices, our words, our actions, and our plans are packed with immense raw potential this month. The Rav often referenced seeds when speaking of Aries because this month marks the beginning of the astrological cycle. As with anything in its infancy, Aries offers us a unique opportunity to initiate great growth and transformation. And because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, it also serves as the gateway to all the other signs to come–powering the changes it inspires to last the entire year and beyond.

Rav Isaac Luria taught that the first 12 days of Aries correspond to each of the 12 months of the year. Therefore, this time period (April 1-12 this year) provides the opportune window for the practice of “planting” a metaphorical seed each day. Some choose to align each day with the energy around its corresponding sign–for instance, Aries on the 1st, Taurus on the 2nd, and so forth–but the most important act lies in the intention of planting and sowing. It’s about inviting and acting upon a growth mindset. Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, says that talent is not born; it’s grown. Coyle’s brain-based method for personal growth includes what he calls the “ignition point”–the place where motivation and inspiration are generated. Before we can make a change, we need to have or create the desire to do so.

Those born under the sign of Aries are naturally wired to desire things (or people or accomplishments or attention). Granted, we all are–but Aries energy has a special tendency in this direction. The choice of how and where to direct this innate wish to receive is Aries’ greatest challenge. If directed towards the self only, the outcome will carry only the force of the one desiring. If, on the other hand, we channel that Aries desire to acquire for the purpose of sharing, we invite the Light of the Creator to help us see those desires through! Therefore, the seeds we plant this month will hold infinitely more power if their manifestation will somehow help or inspire others, and not just ourselves.

Remember that for every great act or achievement, countless seeds were planted long before the outcome. American business leader, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffett sold chewing gum, soda bottles, and weekly magazines door to door, even as an elementary student. In high school, he invested in a pinball machine at a barbershop and ended up buying several more to turn a decent profit. His desire to learn about business and investing didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Similarly, Oprah Winfrey may not have consciously thought, “I’m planting seeds for a future media empire” as a child. However, she did perform plays for her family’s farm animals as a child, and she was a remarkably good reader and speaker even before she started school. Later, she joined the debate club and student council and eventually became a journalist and an anchorwoman. Whether or not she foresaw her future impact on the world, Oprah continued to grow herself in ways that would help many others, and she continues to do so.

Planting seeds for our future is a lifelong process. While some take root in childhood, others can germinate later when we build on skills we already have or try something entirely new. Oscar Peterson was a classically trained pianist who became a renowned jazz musician. Laura Ingalls Wilder was an educator who didn’t publish her first book until after the age of 60. Taking note of our early interests can be useful for exploring our natural gifts; but really, there’s never a better time than NOW to pursue something new (or to re-ignite the old!). This is how we take control of our blessings. Because when we set goals and intentions and back them with action, we start co-creating the life of our dreams!

So how can you take full advantage of this Aries energy?

Write out a plan for what you want to achieve in the year to come. This can be a single goal, or a number of goals. (And remember, those that extend beyond yourself will carry the most power!)

● If you’re feeling aligned with the “12-days of Aries” idea, write down a 12-day seed-planting plan for acting on your goal(s). For example: On Day 1, I’ll commit to stopping all negative talk (about myself and/or others)… On Day 2, I’ll set better boundaries: I’ll kindly say “no” if I need to, and I’ll create the time and the space for ___ (your personal or community-related pursuit)… On Day 3, I’ll step out of my comfort zone and try something new…etc., all the way through Day 12.

Naming our desires and taking action on their behalf is a potent recipe for manifestation in our lives. As a fire sign guided by the planet Mars, Aries holds the passion and strength of the warrior. Rav Berg referred to Aries as “the battleground to determine the outcome of all battles that will arise during the next [year].” I believe we all have the power to win!

Like Emerson’s “fruit in the seed,” we are each the embodiment of infinite possibility. Plant your next series of goals and dreams while the Aries energy is strong. And who knows? The changes we ignite this month may have more reach than we can imagine–just like the tiny seed that holds a thousand forests to come.

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