Cancer: Creating Desire

June 12, 2015
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W elcome to the month of Cancer. Every month has a unique energy, and in order to make the most of this window in time, we want to understand the gifts and the challenges inherent to it – because this energy not only impacts those born under the sign, but the rest of us as well.


Cancers come across as solid, well-grounded and down-to-earth, and beneath their hard outer shell lies a sweet, tender and intuitive being.  Known for being the most emotional of all the astrological signs, these sensitive beings need lots of love and reassurance.  But never, ever underestimate their tenacity!  Cancers have a high regard for their loved ones and will do just about anything to protect them.


If you’re ever going through a tough time and need a shoulder to cry on… your best bet is a Cancer.  Their warm, loving and nurturing energy can create a cocoon of love and safety.  Likewise, they require just the same – it is often difficult for these emotional beings to express themselves, because they feel so strongly.  But once they feel safe, they hold nothing back, and wear their hearts on their sleeves.


My husband, and Cancerean, Michael, shares that kabbalistically the energy of this month is all about increasing our desire. During Cancer there is a large amount of Light and blessings available to us, but imagine plugging your toaster into an electrical socket meant to power a giant turbine. Too many volts for the little toaster oven to handle! There is so much Light and energy in this month of Cancer that if we don’t prepare ourselves we can end up like that little toaster oven. The challenge for us all is to increase our desire, so we can increase our capacity to receive.


The kabbalists teach that our capacity for desire is our vessel. The bigger the vessel, the greater the blessings we can draw into our lives. If we want more blessings, we need a bigger vessel and to build a bigger vessel we have to increase our desire. What I mean by desire has nothing to do with physical cravings or passions, but a desire for a true connection to the Creator. Kabbalah is a verb, literally means to receive, and if we are not constantly growing our desire to connect to the Creator, and thereby growing our capacity to receive blessings, then we are not accomplishing our purpose in this world.


Often when I meet with students they will share that they are stuck in their pursuit of something, be it success in business, happiness in their marriage, or they are single and looking for a relationship. There is no doubt that they have a huge desire for these things, but that isn’t the kind of desire that builds a vessel because they are entirely focused on their lack. I know a woman who in many ways has it all. She’s attractive, educated and financially secure. She has a big desire for a husband and family, but all she feels is a huge lack. In fact, it is difficult for her to see families together, because it causes her so much pain and wanting.


She’s in such a state of depression that if the Creator himself came down, stood in front of her and introduced her to the man she was meant to be with – she probably still wouldn’t end up with him. Why? Because she hasn’t created a vessel and nothing is really ‘fixed’ by an external force, like finding someone to be in a relationship with. If you want love in your life you have to love yourself first. In order to attract the love that she desperately wants, she first has to believe that she deserves blessings. Depression and sadness will not attract a soulmate and cannot build a vessel. Building our desire for a connection to the Creator is the key to fulfilling that which we desire most.




None of us have a big enough vessel or a strong enough desire. One of Rav Ashlag’s students once came to him and said, “You know, you talk all the time about the fact that we have to create the vessel, we have to create a desire. What if I don’t have a desire?”


Rav Ashlag says, “Then you pray for and you beg for a desire to have a desire.”


And that student said, “Well, what if I don’t have a desire for a desire?”


He replied, “Well, then you pray for a desire to have a desire to have a desire.”


Sounds funny, but it’s true.


Thought Into Action:


Think about something that you have a great desire for in your life. Are you focusing on its lack or are you focusing on your desire? Often the two become confused.



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