Cancer: Turning Darkness into Light

June 14, 2018
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This week we welcomed the New Moon of Cancer, a time of deep emotions and strong desires —two things required for creation, growth, and, ultimately, for revealing our potential. Together they push us toward our purpose by motivating us to strive, take risks, and push against our nature. Desire and emotion, along with the right consciousness, are responsible for the creation of endless blessings and Light.

Yet, for every desire and every emotion, there is a positive and a negative side. Too often we act with only our interest in mind, saying and doing things in an emotional state that in retrospect we realize we shouldn’t have said or done. The challenge of this month is to examine our desires, the emotions behind them, and course-correct where needed.

Is your desire serving only you? Or is your desire coming from a place of wanting to receive so that you can share?

Before you answer, let’s look a little closer at the energy of Cancerians.

Cancers come across as solid, well-grounded, and down-to-earth, and beneath their competent outer shell lies a sweet, tender, and intuitive being. Given what we have talked about thus far, it’s no surprise that those born under this sign are known for being the most emotional of all the astrological signs; they need lots of love, security, and reassurance. But never, ever underestimate their tenacity! Cancers have a high regard for their loved ones, their work, and their home and will do just about anything to protect them.

My husband Michael is a Gemini/Cancer and shares that kabbalistically, the energy of this month is all about increasing our desire. During Cancer, there is a large amount of Light and blessings available to us; we don’t need to work to draw it down because it’s already here in abundance! While that might sound amazing, imagine plugging your toaster into an electrical socket meant to power a giant turbine. Too many volts for the little toaster oven to handle!

We have to build a vessel big enough to hold all this Light.

The kabbalists teach that our capacity for desire is our vessel. The bigger the vessel, the greater the blessings we can draw into our lives. A bigger vessel means a bigger desire. What I mean by desire has nothing to do with physical cravings or passions, but a desire for a true connection to the Creator. The Creator creates in order to share. When we follow our purpose and manifest our desires from a place of sharing, we become like the Creator and the blessings flow freely.

However, when our desire and emotions are misaligned, we become like that little toaster. Think of the stories you’ve heard about lottery winners, for example. A person suddenly experiences a massive windfall of wealth and not only does their life not improve the way they thought, it creates more problems. The vessel created wasn’t big enough to receive all of those blessings and as a result, the circuits get blown. Just like the toaster.

Knowing there will be an influx of Light and energy in this month helps to prepare ourselves and our vessels. The invitation is not just to increase our desire, but also to align our emotions positively with that desire. How do we that? By looking at our current list of wants.

What is it that you are desiring? Maybe it is a new job, a stronger financial situation; maybe it’s a goal like finishing a marathon or getting a new business started. Whatever your biggest desire is right now, write it down.

Now ask yourself, honestly, “why do I want this?”

What emotions arise when you think of this desire being fulfilled? Do you want a new job because you hate all of your co-workers or do you want a new job in order to align yourself with a deeper sense of purpose? Do you want more money so that you give in even bigger ways, or do you want more so you can show off your success? Do you want to finish a marathon so you can post a photo of the finish line on social media and count the Likes? Or do you want to connect to that perfected self that is capable of such a feat?

See the differences? It can be tricky to identify where we are sometimes and that is what the lessons of this month are for. Desiring to feel peace and joy in all we do is a desire that not only benefits us but also the entire world. Our joyful nature spreads to everyone, creating Light and blessings beyond ourselves. Desiring to connect to the Creator and to be like the Creator makes us into conduits of endless blessings. Selfishness, fear, insecurity, and judgment serve only to disconnect us.

Shift away from desiring only the physical things and refocus your consciousness on connecting to the Creator. Reframe your desires, and toss out ones that are self-serving or fear-based. Then you’ll be transforming darkness to Light.



Take a look at your desires. How do they make you feel? What emotions arise? If you feel yourself desiring from a negative space, shift your consciousness and adjust your desire accordingly.


  1. I need change my life but I don’t know if this desire its to share. In fact if I feel free, if I have a good job, certainly I will be OK and I will share my happiness for others.

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