Capricorn and the Case for Losing Control (in a Good Way!)

December 22, 2022
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One day, the darkness said to the light: “I hear so much about you… so why can’t I see all of you?” to which the light replied, “Because if you were to fully see me, you would no longer exist. And the same would be true if I were to see all of you.” As a result, the two decided to remain separate but equal partners in games of shadow and light… and so was the world of forms and shapes born.

So much of life is like this little parable. The interplay of opposites plays out around us constantly–and not just in shadow and light, up and down, back and forth, and so forth. We live between the control we crave and the chaos life sometimes brings… between the wish to direct our course and the wisdom to also allow it to direct us… between the world of the senses and the unseen spiritual world.

And during this month of Capricorn (Tevet in Hebrew), the boundaries between and among these counterparts become more pronounced. We feel their edges–rough in places, clear and smooth in others. But if we strive to balance ourselves through this month’s inherent challenges, we can maintain equilibrium and experience new growth to lead us through the new year and beyond!

Capricorn is, by nature, a sign that prefers control in all its forms. Those born under the sign seek organization, rules, diligence, and clear limits. We can channel that Capricorn intensity towards “getting stuff done.” This is a great month to tackle tasks and get things in order–be it your finances, your closets, or your relationships! On the flip side, it’s also important to know when to let go of the urge to play master puppeteer in every aspect of your life. A clean closet cannot guarantee a stress-free day (though it might help you find that missing black boot, finally!).

In fact–calling all Capricorns!–here’s the newsflash: none of us can ever predict with 100% accuracy the course of even one day, let alone our lives! We need to know when and how to step back, surrender to the circumstances of the moment, and, as they say, “go with the flow.”

This may be easier than you think… because, although Capricorn is an earth sign, the energy of this sign is heavily influenced by water. So, when you’re feeling a bit uptight this month, tap into that liquid element and try some visualizations. Imagine a stream trailing down the mountain, flowing into a river, and out to the sea; see it evaporating back up into the clouds before returning again as rain or sleet or snow. You see, water never gets too caught up in being in one place or in one form, and neither should we! Take it from a self-named “change junkie”: life is about change and adaptation! And often, that flexibility is what leads us to outcomes even better for us than those we were trying so hard to direct.

The other area that may be calling for more balance is that of the material and spiritual realms. Kabbalah teaches that most of our daily dealings happen in the 1% realm–the world of surface appearances and things we understand through our five senses. Meanwhile, we conveniently ignore the idea that 99% of what is out there cannot be seen or sensed. It is far more profound than anything we can imagine. Those born under the sign of Capricorn can become so entrenched in the material world that they may forget to seek and reveal the light that exists in this spiritual realm.

It doesn’t help that Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, one of the outermost planets in our solar system. Because the sunlight there is 100 times weaker than it is on Earth, tapping into it takes more effort. Yet the potential for connecting to the Light of the Creator is always magnified in the darkest spaces! In Kabbalistic Astrology, Rav Berg remarked that, while Capricorn may be naturally “bound to matter and its limitations…. the more they learn to share, the more energy they reveal, and the more accomplished they feel.” We can all turn up the light this month by making an extra effort to reach out beyond ourselves and our own interests.

In brief, then, here’s how to maximize this month’s mixed energy:

  • Channel that Capricorn discipline and get things done! At the same time, remember that you can’t control everything. Learn how and when to surrender and flow with life.
  • Don’t get so caught up in life’s material aspects (such as work, acquiring money or things, etc.) that you forget the importance of the unseen spiritual side of things (which accounts for all but 1% of our existence!). Open yourself to sharing and connecting meaningfully with others.

In this way, you’ll invite the light to cross the vast darkness and bring warmth and life to the midwinter chill. It is through the realignment of opposing influences that we can embrace the fullness of possibility and continue to evolve in new ways. Because no matter how distant or dim it may seem, the leaf will always turn and grow towards the sun.

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