Capricorn: A Spiritual Bonfire

December 21, 2017
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At the welcoming of a new moon, I often note how each month has unique opportunities and challenges. I always mention this because having an understanding of the specific energy a month brings can really help us take advantage of that energy instead of getting swept away by it. Capricorn is a month where getting swept away, or more accurately; engulfed in flames, is especially easy. However, just as with anything else, the level of potential adversity is equally matched by the level of potential blessings, rewards, and growth.

In the simplest terms, the obstacles that Capricorn brings may present themselves as “chaos” or “judgment,” but this is because Capricorn brings so much Light.

This spiritual Light can cause damage, just as the physical light of fire can scorch everything in its path. Yet, when respected and controlled and used for the good of all, it has the power to create beautiful things. Fortunately, the way we harness and focus the overabundance of Capricorn energy is through a similar, distilling practice: patience and sharing. When we do, we see those enormous gifts appear before our eyes.

When we do not – when we exhibit impatience and intolerance, withhold our sharing or kindness, or when we are selfish – we will experience the proverbial ‘burn’ of the month. Either way, we will all be challenged. And for good reason.

The Zohar explains that when a remarkable infusion of Light or, more simply, energy comes to a person who is not prepared for it that energy it causes a short circuit. That short circuit leads to negativity, more specifically in this month: anger.

The kabbalists have taught for many years that anger has the power to undermine and even eliminate our gifts, blessings, and, most importantly, our relationships. A scary prospect, I know, but remember that anger has both negative AND positive attributes. Anger, just like any other emotion, is an energy, and energy is inherently neutral until we decide what we want to do with it. Continuing with the fire metaphor, anger is like fire. Once out of control it has the power to destroy on epic levels but when harnessed and used constructively, it can fuel incredibly positive change within our lives.

This is the invitation this month as all of us prepare to receive the abundance of energy offered to us by Capricorn. We all handle anger differently but when it comes down it, there are usually two ways we express it in our lives.

  1. We are quick to anger and lose control of the energy.
  2. We repress our anger and extinguish the energy.

Which one of these resonates most for you? Do you find yourself losing control of your anger in moments of difficulty? Or are you more likely to shut yourself down in moments of difficulty to avoid the anger of others?

Either way, the energy isn’t flowing through us in supportive ways. They both cause destruction, one in the outer world of our relationships and the other, in the inner world tainting our thoughts and distorting our perception of our lives. So what is the answer to bring the pendulum back into balance?

Sharing. Giving. Patience. Tolerance. Any of these things will serve as a conduit for the immense energy of this month, guiding it in positive ways. In moments when you feel anger, practice becoming aware and then asking yourself “How can I open?” When we open up to a moment we create a space for kindness to flow in all of its forms. Before letting anger speak for us, we can take a breath and ask “What is the most kind thing I can do in this situation?”  It isn’t easy but if there is even one instance in which you find yourself in anger and you are able to stop and make a positive gesture, that’s enough to create massive shifts.

Anytime a great deal of Light is present, an equal amount of negativity will exist as well. Our power resides in our ability to connect to Source, to something greater, and choose how we want to reveal our energy in every minute. Those minutes become hours which becomes days which unfold into the fabric of your entire life. When anger arrives, see it as an opportunity to create powerful Light and positivity in your life and in the world. Where anger might once have been a source of destruction, now it can become the light that illuminates the world.



Take an inventory of how anger shows up in your life? Are you quick to anger or do you dodge and hide? Whatever the case may be, put together a game plan for how you can positively react the next time you find yourself in a moment of stress.

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