Capricorn: Surrender to the Process… of Your Life.

December 16, 2019
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With each New Moon, we get a new beginning. The Moon of Capricorn is nearly here and will bring with it an energy that propels us to assess, plan, follow-through, and then… surrender.

If you know any Capricorns, you might not associate their personalities with surrender. Persistence, unflagging resolve, and even doggedness, sure, but not surrender. This is the crux of both the gift and the challenge of this month.

Capricorns are known for their serious and hardworking nature, and the influence of its ruling planet Saturn has a lot to do with that. Saturn represents limitations and restrictions in life and rules this structure-focused sign. This planet’s literal structure is just as formidable: its interior reaches temperatures of over 11,700 Celsius, it radiates more than twice as much energy into space than it receives, and it takes 29 ½ years to make one revolution around the sun.

This says a lot about the energy available this month.

Judging by its orbit, its no wonder that the primary gift of Capricorn is patience. They have a high propensity for setting long-term goals because they are prepared to take the time to do it right. They have great discipline, are responsible, reliable, and dependable. The primary challenge of Capricorn—every sign has one—is one of control and letting go. Their strength may be in organization, rules, and structure, but life is rarely organized, on-time, or predictable.

This month is about identifying what we can control and letting go of what we can’t. And what can we control? Ourselves.

Now is the time to appreciate what we have, to make an honest assessment of where we need to grow, and to willingly take responsibility for the choices we have made. Capricorn is the sign that ushers us into the New Year, and it’s a perfect time to let go of all we don’t need. It is a time, to be honest with ourselves about what worked this year and what didn’t and begin to plan for the year ahead.

Working with Capricorn in this way brings the paradox of this energy to life. By spending time to lay new tracks, set new goals, and create more effective routines, you will better be able to surrender to the natural ebbs and flows of life. Just like a tree with a strong foundation of roots, we’ll be able to grow to great heights because of our ability to bend with the effects of the elements around us. Here are a few ways to harness the power of Capricorn:

Identify Where You Want to Grow

Whether it’s a career change, getting in shape, starting a family, or pursuing an artistic dream, you can’t go far if your goal isn’t clear. Name what you want, state it clearly and proudly. The more specific your goal, the more precise the plan of action, the more exact the results. Write your goal down on a piece of paper and begin your Capricorn work.

What Supports This Goal and What Doesn’t?

Now’s the time to be honest. What habits, routines, and beliefs support you in achieving this goal and which ones don’t. Capricorn only packs what it needs, which means everything unnecessary or unhelpful has to go. If your goal is to get your graduate degree, you might not be able to take on that extra project at work. If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll likely want to trade your sugary morning latte for a green tea. Make a list of everything that goes, even the small stuff, and then clarify what stays.

Build Your Foundation

Whenever we’re making a change, we need to make sure we have support and consistency. Creating a firm foundation gives us both. If your goal is to run a marathon, what foundation do you need to solidify for yourself? Do you need to find a running group to keep you accountable? Organize with your spouse or a family member to take the kids to school twice a week so you can get up early to train? Whatever it is, get it in place so you can get busy growing. Remember, the stronger the foundation, the further you’ll go.

Let Go
Once these things are accomplished, and you’ve set out on your path, the last step is surrendering. Surrender to the process of your life.

This month, give your energy only to the things that you can control and respond in ways that support your growth. Your ability to bend and flow within your structure will be the real mark of success, everything else is a bonus. As we welcome this New Moon, practice both assessing, organizing, and planning and then letting go, surrendering, and trusting.

Use this New Moon to set a strong plan for growth as we come into the New Year. What will you be working toward? What will you release to get there? What foundation will you create for yourself?

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