Capricorn, The Gift of Surrender


Carrying on from my last post – “The Importance of Being Honest” and the true quest to know ourselves, our dreams and desires, our motives and fears, and our potential and calling in this world – it seems only fitting that this next post falls on the New Moon of Capricorn, which is an amazing month to take an honest account of who we are so we can truly manifest great blessings.

The planet Saturn, which represents limitations and restrictions in life, rules Capricorn; and it is Saturn’s influence that has a lot to do with how serious and hard working Capricorns are.  Did you know that Saturn’s interior reaches temperatures of over 11,700 0 Celsius? In fact, Saturn radiates 2.5 times more energy into space than it receives from the sun!  Furthermore, did you know that it takes 29 ½ years for Saturn to make ONE revolution around the sun?

These facts say a lot about Capricorns and the energy available in the month.  Capricorns are renowned for their ambition and PATIENCE.  They have a great propensity for setting long-term goals, because they are prepared to work and wait to see them come to fruition.  They have great discipline, are incredibly responsible, reliable, and control is of great importance to their lives.  The driving force of this control is their unwavering ambition.  It makes perfect sense that those ruled by the planet Saturn possess patience… it takes 29 ½ YEARS to make one revolution… that’s patience for you!

Capricorns are all about control, and this month is ALL about control too. The great paradox however is that in order to gain control we must relinquish it altogether.  That’s the challenge: to surrender.  This doesn’t come easily to anyone, but this is the month to allow those blessings to come.  Quite often we don’t make the most of the great blessings that are available to us because we don’t appreciate what has been given.

Now is the time to take stock of everything we have, and to willingly take responsibility for the choices we have made.  In doing so, we choose once again to build appreciation, or if we don’t appreciate it, then choose something else perhaps.  Either way, we can manifest the greatest possible Light into our lives by growing our capacity for unconditional love, for ourselves as well as others.

This is usually a difficult thing for Capricorns to do.  Known as the hermits of the Zodiac, Capricorns may often be perceived as cold and aloof, much like Saturn’s coldness is associated with its distance from the Sun.  But, as we know, Kabbalah teaches us that when the potential for negativity is at its highest that is also when the potential to manifest the Light is at its highest.

Saturn may be far away from the sun but that doesn’t inhibit it from generating a wealth of energy into the universe.  And this is what we should all aspire to in this month.  It isn’t about what we get but what we can give.  By turning our determination and perseverance to the service of others, we will develop new and exciting spiritual abilities.

A Capricorn knows that achievement in any area takes both hard work and perseverance.  And they often shoulder a lot more responsibility in getting the job done by doing things themselves so that they are done properly.  They are highly adverse to risk for fear of losing what they have worked so hard for.  For a Capricorn there is a clear right and a clear wrong, there are no gray areas for these thoughtful, calculating thinkers, which sadly limits their vision for new and alternate possibilities and opportunities.

Fear stops us from seeing opportunities that present themselves. I don’t think that most people would attribute missed opportunities to fear, but fear blinds us to the challenges that are inevitably here to allow us to grow and meet our true potential. There is a strange perception, which a lot of us adopt, and that is that opportunities are all about luck. Let me be very clear here, LUCK IS A STATE OF MIND. IT’S A WAY OF THINKING.

A little exercise in perception… read the word below.


Write down what it reads.

Did it read “Opportunity nowhere” or did it read “Opportunity now here”?

Life is a matter of perception, and we choose how we wish to see things.  We need to be aware that we have more control over our lives than we think we do.  The power to choose is something we all possess, and the only limitations we face are those we put on ourselves!

This month we all need to make the effort of reaching outside of ourselves.  Remember, the more we share, the more energy we reveal and that is when we will feel accomplishment.  We need to focus our attention not on the physical and material possessions in our lives, but rather become more aware of our capacity to be sensitive, caring, generous and humane.  When we free ourselves from evaluating success by means of what we own, we are able to see the blessings in all things in life.

This month, be extra conscious that you do not act alone, remember you are a part of a master plan that includes the rest of the people in this universe.  We are all connected and prove very powerful when we are united.  When you have done all that you possibly can, surrender and trust in the power of the Creator.  You are never alone.


  1. Do you need to be in control? At what cost?
  2. How do you truly measure your own success?
  3. Consciously choose to let things flow.  If you have made the effort, choose to surrender. But ask yourself, “Have I truly done all that I can”?

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