Loosen the chains around your heart. While it’s great to set the bar high for expectations, it’s natural to stumble from time to time. Staying humble allows you to relate to all those around you, and bring greater Light into your life. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions; you have the tools you need to overcome all of life’s obstacles. Rely on them and use them well. Remember, the process is the purpose.

Each of the first 12 days of Aries presents you with an opportunity to overcome whatever normally blocks you from receiving the fulfillment you desire – and deserve.

How you respond to the tests of the first 12 days affects the outcome of how you will experience the coming year. In general, be as proactive as possible, and familiarize yourself with the types of challenges you’ll be facing.

This guide can steer you through the challenges so you can create an incredible start to your year.


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