Change the world, as you know it.


No challenge too small, passionately independent, and nothing to stop you… hello, Aquarius! This is the month to go beyond your nature, break free from all limitations standing in your way, and solve problems with a renewed consciousness, because this month we can all be rebels with a cause!

Aquarians are rebellious by nature; they are idealists who strive to change the world through original thinking, and by defying convention. While not all of us are born under the sign of Aquarius, we are all affected by this month’s influence. Knowing a little more about those born under this sign helps us learn more about the power available to us during this month. Aquarians are known in the cosmic world to be a channel for improving the world – they are the do-gooders of the cosmic galaxy – seeking justice for all is their mission, and challenging the status quo is one of the ways they go about that mission.

Now the raw truth…

Aquarians are by far the most stubborn of all the signs (you thought that honor was held by Taurus, didn’t you? Nope, Aquarians take the cake.) They reject establishment, and fight tooth and nail to maintain their individuality and their freedom to exercise their inventive ideas. They detest confinement of any sort. I know Aquarians quite well. My older sister and son were born one day apart (plus several years, of course). So, take it from me, don’t try to tell an Aquarian what to do. In fact, you may want to tell them the opposite! For example, when I’m encouraging my daughter to do her homework I say, “Don’t you want to do well and get good grades? Think how good you’ll feel when all your homework is finished.” This is all the motivation she needs. If I were to say that to my son, I would get nowhere. Instead, I say, “I know homework is a drag. When are you ever going to use imaginary numbers, conic sections and rational functions in your adult life? But just do it now so you can get it over with and then we can go have some fun, ok?”

The “don’t-ever-tell-an-Aquarian-what-to-do” bit of advice does in fact highlight part of their biggest challenge, which is their pride. Their steadfast support for noble causes, seeking justice for all, and feeling compelled to break down walls and restrictions inhibiting humanity is ironic, considering that they sometimes lack sensitivity for those around them who are in need or experiencing pain. True spirituality means being one with humanity, not above it. Aquarians have 100% conviction and are fiercely passionate about their ideas (the idea may be unfounded and discarded tomorrow, but today it’s the ONLY idea that matters). That’s what makes them natural leaders and inspirational figures, though sometimes they can be overbearing in imposing their views on others.

The sign of Aquarius is aptly symbolized by the Water Bearer, who pours out and shares an abundance of water, which in and of itself is imbued with the powers to purify and cleanse, and kabbalistically represents mercy. Aquarius, or Shevat in Hebrew, often symbolizes redemption. This is because Aquarians perceive the world as unified, and kabbalists consider unity to be the basis of true redemption, or better put, restoration – a time when all negativity is cleansed from our world, and when humanity is free from fragmentation.

The challenge we face this month is empathy toward individuals, and removing our pride. This is the time to free ourselves and live beyond the confines of what our ego tells us is important. Aquarians love humanitarian pursuits, and although they will move Heaven and Earth for a global cause, they very often lack that kind of understanding and compassion for the individual.  One danger this month is pushing away those that are closest to you. Be mindful of treating your loved ones with the care and respect that you show other people in your life. This month, engage your empathy muscle, and exercise your compassion towards everyone, not just the collective. As kabbalists have taught for centuries, the moment we can all unite as one people, that is when all negativity will be removed from our lives, and the world will change as we know it.

My husband, Michael, wrote something a few weeks ago which really inspired this week’s thought to action:

“Think about a world where the majority of people are listening and ready to help when they see a need, when they see lack. One can imagine then that most of the pain and suffering can be eliminated. This is the world we must be striving and working towards.”


How can you change the world? Listen more, and talk less. If someone upsets you, try to see if there is something you can learn from the message. Do what’s uncomfortable – whatever that means to you – share your experience in the comment section.

Happy Birthday, my sweet David.




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