August 13, 2015
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We are entering into the month of Virgo on this Sunday. Virgo energy will affect all of us to varying degrees, not just those of us born under the sign.


Virgos (I have a little insight into what it’s like to be one) are logical, analytical, and methodical, which is what makes them the perfectionists that they are. They are reliable, responsible, and hard working. If you want to get something done, and done well, just ask a Virgo. Need help with the details? Look no further.


Virgos’ view of the world is physical and practical. Virgos are organized and have a fantastic eye for detail, making them great surgeons, editors, nutritionists and educators. They are able to zero in on a problem and zero in on a situation that others may overlook – a valuable skill. This is where we talk about other Virgos in no relation to me. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) However, they have a hard time delegating, can’t resist stepping in to ‘help’ when things don’t go as planned, and are quick to judge and tell you what you’re doing wrong.  Virgos rarely win any astrological empathy awards.


They desire order and perfection and seeking perfection is part of their journey, as well as their purpose. As perfectionists, the target of their most critical eye is themselves. This self-critical trait is not limited just to the Virgos among us. It’s very easy (and very destructive) to dwell on our faults, gaffes and shortcomings.


And while we are not perfect, not a single one of us, the kabbalists teach that our souls, our very core essences are never damaged by our mistakes. No matter what negativity we have wrought, our souls are never damaged, they are, in fact, and always have been, perfect. However, while the soul is never damaged, it is concealed by selfish words and actions, each negative thought or deed adds another veil that obscures the perfection of our souls.


The gift of Virgo is that our perfect essences shine brighter in this month than any other time of the year. Practically, this means that we can see the truth of our souls more clearly. This clarity throws a spotlight on what we need to change; it fuels a desire to be closer to our perfect selves. Because of our greater awareness of who we could be, Virgo is the most opportune time for us to make needed changes in our lives.


Things do not change; we change.

~ Henry David Thoreau


My friend, Kate’s, mother died last year. It wasn’t unexpected, she had heart disease, high blood pressure and was overweight. Doctors had admonished her for years about her weight and lack of exercise. Kate had spent her adult life watching her mother try one diet after another, and ultimately falling back into her bad eating habits. In a span of 5 years her mother purchased a stationary bicycle, treadmill, stair stepper, rowing machine, and elliptical trainer. All gathered dust, the treadmill supported piles of books and magazines, the stair stepper draped in scarves. A trunk in the corner overflowed with exercise DVDs, hand weights, jump ropes and elastic exercise bands. Perhaps most troubling were the 15 self-help books on her shelf, ranging from motivation to discipline, to tips on recipes and walking yourself fit. Kate didn’t doubt that her mother had read every single volume.


No one can question Kate’s mother’s deep desire to change her habits. She obviously invested a great deal of time and money into different solutions, hoping each time that one would stick.


It’s an incredibly sad tale and no one really knows the source of her pain, but I tell it to instill urgency. Life is happening right now. Life doesn’t begin tomorrow, or next week. Life is also finite. How many years did Kate’s mother tell herself that tomorrow, or next week, or next month she would get serious about her health? She probably had these conversations with herself daily. And then she ran out of days.




Okay, I might want to scare you a little. But we are all only given so much time and the responsibility for how much goodness and joy, happiness and kindness we experience and give is ours alone.


While there are many proven and practical methods for change, many of which I’m sure were in Kate’s mother’s books, the kabbalists have a different perspective on how true change occurs. Whether you want to lose weight, write a book, or learn another language, you will be more successful in those endeavors if your consciousness is that of the desire to share with others and not focused on yourself.


Rav Ashlag, the founder of the Centre, refers to this self-focus as the desire to receive for the self alone, which is self-serving and rooted in the physical world versus the desire to share. Our perfected selves, our unblemished essence is entirely desirous of sharing. That’s the part of us that shines so brightly this month. That’s the part of us that will make the seemingly unchangeable, changeable. If we focus on giving to others, connecting to our perfect inner essence, then change becomes natural and setbacks won’t derail us as easily.


If you want to connect to your better self, if you want to make big changes in your life, this month more than any other time of the year supports that.


Thought Into Action

If you could change one thing about your life, your habits or your personality, what would it be and how would your life look after you made that change?



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