Do The Right Thing

March 20, 2014
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Sometimes in life we think we know our path, but rather than feeling certain, we are plagued by self-doubt. When our plans and views are scrutinized, often we are unsure of when to stand up for what we believe or when to sit down and let things go. In my life I often feel the pressure to conform to others’ ideas of what I should be and how I should act. However, I don’t succumb to external expectations, because something always pulls me back — my voice, the inner voice that we all have that guides us from a place of truth. I came across this gem that is a reminder from the Rav and the Creator for me and for all of us to stay true to what we believe in.

This powerful message from Rav Berg is from 2005. I hope you find this connection to the Rav and this week’s energy as inspiring as I did. 

“When you feel something is right, you do it, and however the marbles fall, it will come out right in the end. No matter what is at stake, we must do what we know to be the right thing, even if our life depends on it. We are so concerned about the opinions of others; what our friends and family might think of us. We are constantly inhibited by opinions around us, which limit our actions, limit us doing the things that we believe in. I do not live by the code of others. If it is right, I am going to do it. What the people around me might think is another matter.

 I studied in a traditional environment that was opposed to Kabbalah. I broke away from tradition. I felt Kabbalah was necessary now and that someone had to take this step and make this action happen. I did not care what people thought because I knew this was the right thing to do, and therefore I went ahead and did it. I’m glad that years ago I took this action. It was not a mistake. I was sure that it was the right move because Kabbalah could touch people into changing their attitudes towards one another.” -Rav Berg

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