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December 29, 2016
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Tonight brings us a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Kabbalists teach that on the New Moon, the first day of each month, all of the power of that sign is available to us. We have the opportunity to take in all of its positive aspects and to protect ourselves from the negative. The energy of Capricorn is a responsible, determined, and patient one which is wonderful considering that Capricorn brings it with it an invitation to face some of our most uncomfortable feelings. Namely, anger. 


Anger is a complex emotion. Yes there are many other negative emotions, such as sadness, feelings of shame, resentment but anger operates a bit differently because it is typically an emotion that is, almost always, directed outwardly. We feel angry as a result of something or someone outside of us. Even if we feel angry at ourselves, we are externalizing our ‘negative’ self. Anger is like gasoline; it’s just energy. When it arises, we become active. It’s a neutral energized state. It’s like gasoline before it’s applied to some function. Gas can be applied to run great engines or be used to create horrific firebombs, but the fuel itself is neutral until someone chooses how to apply it. This month, we are offered responsibility, determination, and patience as we face our anger and understand more deeply how we’ve been applying it.


You may have heard this saying: Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. What is meant here is that our anger is never about someone else or something else, it is about us. A tough pill to swallow, I know, but I’ll explain how this is actually a wonderful thing. Accepting that your anger is here to help you can completely change the way you work with it and, ultimately, how you apply it. And it begins with looking inward, with understanding it, with facing it. 


When we are focused outwardly we are in a state of ego, in a state of caring what others think of us, how they see us, what they are doing for us, etc. The kabbalists teach that as long as we’re in that state – of caring about what other people think – and therefore, acting in ways that will be appreciated or liked while worrying about not being liked, we are enslaved, we are not free. It means that we are not connected to the Light, but instead, to the dark forces of negativity. When anger arises, instead of placing it at the feet of a person or circumstance, simply look at it instead. See it as the neutral energy source that is and examine what it is asking of you. It is one of the most powerful motivators so let’s use it toward making positive changes. 


Think of the last time you were angry. What were the thoughts that arose? Let’s say you left an interaction with someone that had you feeling as though your feelings were disrespected. The anger says “No one ever thinks about how I feel! How did they think that would make me feel? Did they even consider my feelings in any of this?” Examining this anger instead of blaming someone or something would look like this:


Why is this making me feel angry?

Where is this anger coming from?

Was there another instance I can remember when I felt this way?

What is this here to show me?


By facing your anger and asking these questions you are utilizing that powerful energy to reflect and to understand yourself in an even deeper way. What you find may surprise you because I can guarantee you’re going to be lead to the same place every time: you. Instead of asking why no one ever thinks of your feelings, you’ll be faced with the ways that you don’t think of your feelings. If you’re angry because someone has betrayed you, you’ll see some of the ways you may have been betraying yourself. It is a challenge, it may be extremely difficult, but what better time to face your feelings than at the the beginning of a bright new year? Once an unconscious belief and pattern is uncovered it is already dispelled, then and there, you are free of it. 


With this New Moon I invite you to arrive at your anger, with the powerful forces of Capricorn in hand, and begin to face it. As we face it, we transmute it, releasing the shackles of negativity and stepping fully into the Light. Stepping, even more wholly, into 2017 with forgiveness, self-love, and spiritual freedom.


Thought into Action

When anger arises, no matter how big or small, greet it with a question and patiently await an answer. Write down all insights and share your revelations with a trusted friend. 

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