Fear Is Not An Option Book Tour

February 11, 2019
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  1. Hello Monica,

    Fear is not an option. I sat on the tip of my chair, looking at this video.
    Insight is a first step. And then what? How do you confront this fear furthermore? When it is there, what is a way of dissolving it? Please could you commend on this?
    Besides for instance yell: HEEE, GET LOST YOU ! AND STAY AWAY!
    And besides not getting involved in the stories and narratives.
    My short story is depression after a couples of suicides, which I could not really proces.
    My depression is almost gone but I am still nagged by it. It holds me of of what I truly want: art painting.
    Thank you for your time and attention.
    With love and light,

    • Dear Kaat, thank you for reading and for sharing so vulnerably. I am so sorry to hear you have struggled so significantly with your mental health. You are not alone here and you are brave to continue seeking answers to work through your fears. Insight is most certainly the first step. In my book, Fear is Not an Option, I discuss seven specific tools for working through fears (naming your fears, burning your fears, diminishing your fears, the trim tabs tactic, anti-fear mantras, using your body, and the power of time travel/kabbalistic meditation). Additionally, I outline how to construct a personalized action plan for tackling your fears head on – mainly through challenging fear based thoughts and exposing yourself to your fear (proactively). I encourage you to read the book as I believe it will empower you with very practical next steps. Once again, thank you for sharing. Warmly, Monica

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