Fear Is Not an Option is a quick, personal, and poignant book for anyone who wants to live their best life fearlessly.

Fear Is Not An Option

Many of us have, through our spiritual work, developed a profound desire to go to our next level. Yet we quite often find ways to hold ourselves back, especially when the root cause is fear. Fear Is Not an Option is a quick, personal, and poignant book for anyone who wants to live their best life fearlessly. It is perfect for someone looking for consciousness and an interactive/workbook experience.


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Fear Is Not An Option (Portuguese)


Fear Is Not An Option (Hebrew)


What People Are Saying

“I have subconsciously waited for this book my whole life! Monica Berg’s Fear is Not an Option emboldens and nurtures us with ancient wisdom that creates the spiritual army that finally puts an end to the epidemic that is fear. It has fast become my favorite and most essential book.”

~ Joseph VanArsdale

“I love this book, its a great read, a guide and a workbook. It was so helpful for me, to understand and shine a light on those hard to go to places, perhaps where we reveal our greatest weaknesses, showing us how, without a doubt, those places can be a source of our greatest strengths and how transforming the way we see them can bring us tremendous joy for ourselves and others.”

~ Donna Sirlin

“Now I can truly search deep within – this book will help me to do that”

~ Maria Laura de Prez

“It is very practical and easy for me to read and understand my deeper issues – Excellente!”

~ Luisa Casasole

“The title made me instantly want to buy this book! The stories Monica shared on overcoming fear helped me realize I can do anything. I can hear Rav Berg saying Monica, fear is not an option! That’s what I will use as my mantra ever time I feel afraid.”

~ Jayne Altman

“Thank you, Monica. This book truly helped me to connect with the closest people in my life by not only understanding my own fears but also their own.”

~ Misael Diaz

“Things and people I’m grateful for: Fear Is Not An Option by Monica Berg is a must read!”

~ Camila Campos

The Berg family book club

“As soon as this book came into my possession it shed light onto some of my deeper fears – Monica’s gentle and comprehensive approach in the book has allowed me to honor the process of my fears”

~ Rina Rachel Sondhi

A bedtime story with Monica and daughter Abigail.

“This book is heartfelt and full of truth. Monica selflessly exposes her personal life to her readers to equip them with tools to beat fear. She is honest and transparent about her illogical fears and applies kabbalistic teachings in order to overcome them. This book will help empower others to overcome whatever fear is existing in their own lives.”

~ Juliet Ruiz

“Some people will say it’s ‘amazing’ but the word I will use is legitimate. Monica shares an intimate understanding of how fear works and the process one can undertake to overcome it. Thank you, Monica, for being so honest, vulnerable and relatable by sharing your experience. This is the best book I’ve read on fear.”

~ Hannah Coates

“This book gave me the tools I needed to really start loving myself with all my weaknesses and strengths. An amazing journey through life and fears, for those that desire to find their highest self, to achieve their dreams and to live a life of joy and fulfillment, Fear Is Not An Option.”

Chris Poccard