Feeling a little Crabby…?


It’s the New Moon of Cancer, and much like any other month, there are many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  Let’s get straight to it; the sooner we understand the forces at play in this month, the closer we’ll get to positive transformation!

The month of Cancer, or in Hebrew, Tammuz is ruled by the Moon. What do we know about the Moon?  We know that its gravitational pull affects the ocean tides, and we know that it has many phases.  Interestingly, this is the only month under the ever-changing influence of Earth’s only satellite, so it receives its full influence – no half measure here!  Which makes a lot of sense when you consider what I’m about to write next: the Moon is considered the ruler of moods… and Cancers have MANY!

… Biggest understatement of the year!

Symbolized by the Crab – Cancers certainly come across as solid, well grounded and down-to-earth, and beneath their hard outer shell lies a sweet, tender and intuitive being.  Known for being the most emotional of all the astrological signs, these sensitive creatures need lots of love and reassurance.  But never, ever underestimate their tenacity!  Cancers have a high regard for their loved ones and will do just about anything to protect them.

If you’re ever going through a tough time and need a shoulder to cry on… your best bet is a Cancer.  Their warm, loving and nurturing energy can create a cocoon of love and safety.  Likewise, they require just the same – it is often difficult for these emotional beings to express themselves, because they feel so strongly.  But once they feel safe, they hold NOTHING back, and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

I must admit… I have a little soft spot for Cancers; how can I not?  I’m married to one.

Emotions make those born under the sign of Cancer, and this month, very unique.  Here is our opportunity to recharge our souls and truly take control over our emotions and harness their true power.  Once we are able to do so, our emotions start to assist in our development, as well as to our connection to the Creator.

Kabbalistically the month of Cancer is often referred to as being a negative month because we find that judgment is more direct; there seems to be less time between an action and its consequence.  This is why it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a rigorous consciousness throughout the month.  Remember that the greatest amount of Light comes from the greatest amount of darkness.

This month we have the opportunity to regain our balance, harness the power of our emotions and heal ourselves.  And the way to accomplish this is to ensure that all of your actions and deeds embody love and tolerance for others.  During this month of Cancer, practice acts of sharing as a means of caring for yourself, those around you and the world.


Who is in control, you or your emotions?

  1. When you are going through a challenging time, do you still find pleasure in simple things?
  2. Do you still feel happy when things are not going your way?
  3. When feeling upset or angry do you lash out? Or beat yourself up?

If your answers to questions (1.) and (2.) was NO, and YES to (3.), your emotions are running the show.

Make a conscious decision to connect with the energy of the month, and always remember that one of the best ways to curb feelings of sadness; fear or anxiety is to give of your self.  Practice generosity and tolerance – inwardly and outwardly.

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