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May 30, 2019
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This week we welcome the New Moon of Gemini, a month all about taking charge and taking action. Get ready for the intense energy of Mercury — the planet that rules the month of Gemini. Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel, and technology. For anyone who has ever bemoaned Mercury being in retrograde, you know the power I’m talking about. Misunderstandings, technical glitches, car problems all arise during this period as a way of helping us to slow down. Mercury is responsible for why Geminis move so fast!

They are also quick-thinking, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information and will grasp all sides of a question, integrate a standpoint, and make a decision all at the same time. Because they are able to see both sides of any situation, this sign is aptly symbolized by twins.

This dichotomous energy can lend itself to a dual-like personality, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the zodiac wheel. It is a very common occurrence to have a Gemini argue two sides of the same argument and also why they are often criticized as being aloof, restless, and changeable. The twins symbolize the duality and balance in both strengths and weaknesses, dark and light, positive and negative —two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other and they will always exist in equal measure. The synergy of opposites always seeks equilibrium, and seeking that balance is a gift of this month.

One of Gemini’s worst traits is their superficiality. Curious by nature and just as easily bored, they dive passionately into new paths of learning, relationships, or projects, only to abandon them. A Gemini can fall asleep on a Monday evening deeply in love and wake up Tuesday morning without any feelings of affection. An artfully executed room renovation project will sit stagnant at the halfway mark, sometimes for years. It’s easy to identify the imbalance here.

Geminis are notorious for birthing bright ideas and blazing through the first steps of a project only to lose steam through the middle. Geminis like to have the answers and are not naturally tenacious. In fact, tenacity and the willingness to fail is important spiritual work for those born under this sign. If the next step, or the right answer doesn’t present itself they would rather quit or ignore the problem entirely than put in the effort and risk failure. After all, they reason, I didn’t fail, I quit.

The key to follow through is being willing to put in all your effort while being willing to fail. Practically, focus on the details, do what you can in the here-and-now, and never lose sight of the big-picture vision. We are all under Gemini’s influence this month, so if there’s a project you’ve been trying to get started or one that’s been half-finished for too long, this is the month to see them through. No matter the stage they’re in, decide you are going to finish them and, step-by-step, make it happen. Follow through is both the invitation and the challenge of this month.

Like any other sign, the challenge of the specific energy doesn’t come without a gift. The gift of Gemini is integrating the heart and the mind, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. Geminis are masters at taking what may appear to be disparate pieces of data and melding them into a cohesive, logical whole. This is a month that teems with the potential to unify and fuse the physical and the spiritual worlds, to remove all types of chaos and negativity from our lives by helping us to see how both are necessary and how creating balance is imperative for our happiness, growth, and well-being.


What have you left unfinished or abandoned? What were your reasons? This month commit to spending 15 minutes a day on something left unfinished. The energy of Mercury will propel those efforts.


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