When we look at our lives we usually assess them in weeks, months and years, but in truth we’re meant to focus on days. Within each day there is a spark of Light that one is meant to perfect. Kabbalists teach that a person is given an exact amount of days to live.

In the bible people lived for hundreds of years, but then life expectancy dropped.

The kabbalist explains this with a parable:  There once was a king who owned a diamond mine and after extracting the diamonds, he would give thousands of them at a time to the local craftsmen whose job it was to clean and perfect the stones over several months. The only problem was that they never completed the work, in fact some of the diamonds came back damaged.  Therefore the king set up a new method by which he gave each craftsman a smaller amount of diamonds and less time to get the job done.

THE SAME HAPPENED WITH HUMANITY.  Initially the Creator gave each person millions of sparks of Light correlating to each day of life they were given. Although people lived for hundreds of years, they did not perfect their sparks. In fact they damaged them.  Therefore, the Creator cut down on the amount of sparks given to each person all at once.

We need to look at life in these terms.  We’re not given eighty, one hundred or 120 years of life.  We’re given 29,200 days; 36,500 days; 43,800 days and within each one we are meant to perfect a spark of Light.

The spark we’re meant to perfect today cannot be perfected tomorrow. Just as the spark we could have perfected yesterday cannot be perfected today.  Each day has its own unique work related to a specific aspect of the soul that needs purification and elevation.  By revealing the Light you’re supposed to in that day, it grows your soul through the process, enabling you to transform into your true self.

Remember that your Light isn’t dependant on who you are shining it on.  Your Light is your Light.

The kabbalists teach that at the end of every day, when we go to sleep, if we have perfected our spark, it is sent up into our spiritual bank where it remains to protect us and give us Light and blessings.

When a person succeeds in this work, the Creator will give him even more sparks which of course equals more days, months and years of life. Naturally the opposite holds true as well.

The most important understanding from all of this is that we do not live weeks, months and years, we live day by day and the work we have to accomplish today cannot be accomplished tomorrow.

For those who are scared, you can awaken within your consciousness an appreciation for the power and gift of each day.

Even if the day did not start off the way you had hoped, don’t write it off and push things to tomorrow,

  • Start your day over again.
  • & If needed, again.
  • & If needed, again.
  • In fact, you can restart your day over and over.

This should be inspiring and not frightening because this idea should be used as the impetus to earn more and more days to your life.

Kabbalah tells us that our transformation can be completed in one lifetime; we have enough time but not enough time to waste. Once we understand how big our task is we will choose not to become complacent in our spiritual work.

Our bodies, just like our days, need to be connected to & appreciated daily.  We think it’s there to house our souls, and we take it for granted. If an athlete needs to run a mile each day he will take his time and may do things before, like go to a movie. But if his training requires a 20-mile run, running will become the organizing principle of his day and the central experience of his life. This is also true of our spiritual work.

Unfortunately and quite honestly most of us do not use our time well.

  • Everyday life distracts us from our larger purpose.
  • As years pass we may achieve part of our transformation or none at all.
  • Most of us depart this world without completing the task we came here to do.


Let’s take a moment and look at your week.

1.      How many days did you really live that you perfected your day?

2.      Look back on it, was it a worthwhile day?

3.      Did it have a sense of purpose & meaning to it?

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