Gemini: Get Moving!

June 7, 2016
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We are all highly affected by the planet that rules the month of Gemini – even those not born under the sign of Gemini can utilize the unique gifts available this month. Every month has a unique energy, and in order to make the most of this window in time, we want to understand the gifts and the challenges inherent to it – because this energy not only impacts those born under the sign, but the rest of us, as well.


A little about Geminis (and I consider myself an expert with two daughters and a part-Gemini husband): they are quick-thinking, alert, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information, humor, efficiency and novelty. A Gemini will grasp all sides of a question, integrate a standpoint and make a decision all at once!


The planet Mercury, which was aptly named after the Roman messenger of the gods, is Gemini’s ruler. Not unlike Mercury, which is known as the fastest planet in our solar system – traveling at 140,000 miles per hour and managing to complete a full trip around the sun in just 88 Earth days.


Geminis love sharing ideas and communication is tantamount to these intellectual ninjas.  Curious, creative, and talkative they are a true asset at any cocktail party!  Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which appropriately epitomizes their dual personalities.  You never quite know what you’re getting… like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  It’s a very common occurrence to have a Gemini assert two sides of the same argument. These mentally agile people can also be perceived as restless and fickle.


The challenge of this month is movement, and as you just read, there is no other month where the energy supports actions quite like Gemini. We are all here to grow spiritually and fulfill the potential of our souls. To achieve this we must be growing constantly and thereby, constantly moving. My husband speaks on this topic quite frequently, and rightly reminds us that it is not enough to simply be a good person. We aren’t here to be ‘good’ or ‘nice.’ While we should all certainly strive to be kind and treat others with human dignity and respect, our goal should still be to transform our very natures, strive to fulfill our purpose in this world.


Often people get off track with their understanding of what it means to be a spiritual person, they mistake being kind with being ‘good’ or ‘nice.’ We have all known someone like this in our lives, I’m sure. They are the ‘yes’ people and they are easily identified as they race past you, looking harried and frantic, trying to fulfill the needs and desires of everyone else around them. This isn’t what it means to be spiritual. Putting yourself last and spending your life trying to please everyone else is the antithesis of what we came here to do.


How are we to know our purpose?


I get that question a lot. And it’s not one that anyone else can answer for you. There is a kabbalistic teaching that everyone is given the entire wisdom of the universe before they enter the world. But before they come down to this physical world an angel touches them just above their lip and all is forgotten. The reason that we are given all the wisdom and then have no recollection of it is so that we can spend our lives earning the wisdom that was once given to us. In essences, the purpose of our lives is to rediscover all that wisdom. We received it once, thereby we have the ability to reattain it. In essence we are rediscovering what has always been. The way we rediscover is by growing spiritually, by transforming ourselves into beings of sharing and waking every single day with the intention and consciousness of being a force of blessing and Light in the world.


There is nothing you will ever need, no question that you don’t already know the answer to. With that mindset have patience in the process, knowing that everything that happens is an opportunity for you to share and draw closer to your purpose in this world.


Thought Into Action

Get Moving! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for more time, more money, or a better scenario before you start something that you truly desire? This is the month of movement. No excuses.


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