Gemini: How to Boil Water

May 21, 2020
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The kabbalists have long taught us that our spiritual work is not solely meant to shape us into good, spiritual people. While it is certainly a beneficial byproduct, the actual purpose is to assist us in transforming at a soul level. Transformation requires change, flexibility, and movement and that is exactly what is on tap this month as we welcome the New Moon of Gemini.

The gift of movement is specifically important this month. The movement of Gemini forces us out of any inertia and towards our purpose by revealing where we are on our path—and how much further we have to go. This month we are challenged to ask ourselves where we want to go and who we want to be in this life. What is the grander vision you have for your life? When that vision is distilled, we can move forward making decisions and laying down plans that will help us reach whatever goal or intention we have set. With Gemini, power is found in ideas.

Geminis are quick-thinking, alert, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information, practicality, and an understanding of data, patterns, and systems. A Gemini will easily grasp all sides of a question, integrate all of the information, and make a decision all at the same time. Forever solution-oriented, they adeptly get straight to the heart of even the most complex of matters. Their minds are exceptionally fast. This is why Gemini is ruled by the fastest moving planet in our solar system—Mercury travels at 140,000 miles per hour and completes a full trip around the sun in just 88 Earth days.

This sign is symbolized by The Twins, which appropriately epitomizes their dual-like personalities. While they love sharing ideas and information, can converse for hours on end, and can be highly creative and inspired—they can also be withholding, condescending, non-commital, and restless. They grasp opposing ideas so easily, seeing both sides of any argument, that it can be difficult, even for them, to know which one they actually believe. It is not uncommon to find a Gemini arguing both sides of an argument.

And so, we arrive at the challenge and the gift of the month of Gemini. 

How can we integrate and unify the opposing energies and experiences we have this month? It is important to remember that strengths and weaknesses, dark and light, positive and negative are, in equal balance, like two sides of the same coin. This month offers the opportunity to reveal an abundance of Light by combining polar forces, by integrating two sides of the same energy. And we do this through a kabbalistic principle known as restriction. 

Let’s use this analogy to understand: you can’t boil water with fire if you are just throwing the water on the flame. That makes steam or extinguishes the fire. There has to be something between these two opposing elements— fire and water—in order for the water to boil. The moment we include the third element, in this case, a cooking pot, we are able to reach our desired goal: to boil the water. 

The pot in this analogy is restriction.

How can we work with the gift of movement and change that Gemini brings when a lot of us are still stuck in quarantine? How can we use the tool of restriction to transform an experience of fear or worry into one of joy and peace?

It’s a trying time. Fear of the future, the judgment of how others are handling things, and anxiety about not being able to leave the house are all frustrating experiences to be sure, and all waiting to be transformed. 

You can restrict the experience of fear by noticing it and challenging it. You do this by taking your list of fears about the future and questioning each one. What evidence do I have that will come to pass? Are there actions I can take should this fear come to pass? What in my current reality contradicts this thought? These questions restrict your fear and bring you back into the present. They also transform your fear into empowered action. In this one exercise, you have applied restriction (questioning) to your water (fear) and it has boiled (transformed into empowered action.)

Fear and Empowerment are two sides of the same coin. Restriction helps us integrate these seemingly opposing forces for good. 

This month, when something arises that challenges you look for the opportunity to transform it. Set the tone of your consciousness by deciding, now, what energy you want to bring into this new month. And, ultimately, what energy you want to bring into your entire life. 

The world as we know it is changing and it is up to us to choose a positive consciousness, now more than ever. As we all find ourselves in a time of upheaval and transition the likes of which we have never seen, choose to lay a brand new foundation. One of inclusion, profound sharing and generosity, one of empowering self and others, a consciousness of connection and unity. Restrict your fears, doubt, judgments, reactivity, worry, blame, guilt, and any other experience that isn’t serving you or the world. 

We will all be moving this month, in whatever way that shows up for us individually. What will you be moving toward? What do you want to bring with you? And what needs to be let go so you can move with speed, precision, and purpose?



What are your biggest ideas? Where are you headed? What is your grand vision? And what keeps you from heading there? Apply the tool of restriction in times of challenge and see how the experience transforms. As always, share what you find here. Gemini loves to share and inspire others!

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