Gemini: Spiritual Movement

May 14, 2015
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W elcome to the month of Gemini. Every month has a unique energy, and in order to make the most of this window in time, we want to understand the gifts and the challenges inherent to it – because this energy not only impacts those born under the sign, but the rest of us as well. A little about Geminis (and I consider myself an expert with two daughters and a part-Gemini husband), they are quick-thinking, alert, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information, humor, efficiency and novelty. A Gemini will grasp all sides of a question, integrate a standpoint and make a decision all at the same time!


Because of the speed of their intellects, Geminis have a great tendency to act and speak reactively, without completely thinking it through. Their quick wit is an effective offensive and defensive weapon. Geminis are like Mercury, which is the fastest planet in our solar system – traveling at 140,000 miles per hour and managing to complete a full trip around the sun in just 88 Earth days. Not coincidentally, one of the gifts of the month is movement, the ability to move forward, to move out of and to make changes more quickly than at other times of the year. The most important moves we ever make are to grow our connection to the Creator, to be more like the Creator. The greatest changes we can strive to make this month are in the realm of spiritual growth.


The purpose of our spiritual work is to remove the layers that we have put around our soul through our negative thoughts and actions and return to our pure and perfect state. Clearly, our goal is to also not do things that will hide our soul again! Your soul is perfect and pure and can never be damaged, just dimmed. In Gemini, your true essence shines, that is one of the gifts of this month.


Kabbalists teach that it is not enough to simply be a good person or a spiritual person. While we should be those things, the purpose of our lives is to transform ourselves spiritually, to be making constant strides in our spiritual growth. This is why the gift of movement this month is so important. It propels us towards our purpose by revealing where we are on our path and how much further we have to go. This month we are challenged to ask ourselves where we want to go and who we want to be in this life. From there, we make decisions about what work we need to do and how far we need to push ourselves in order to attain that level. With this clarity we are better equipped to make decisions and commitments that lead us to greater and greater spiritual growth. The truth is, we are all very far from our highest selves and there is so much more that each of us can do.


As your true essence is revealed, don’t be surprised if you are inspired to change your ways, to pick up new habits, and to find new means to share with others. Gemini energy supports movement, beginning new chapters and making new goals. Anyone who knows a Gemini has seen the boundless enthusiasm with which they embark on new experiences, but their follow-up is… sometimes sadly lacking. If any sign of the zodiac has commitment issues, it’s Gemini.


Just as anti-venom contains venom, the gift of movement brings with it the challenge of staying put or staying on the path. No great endeavor will reap rewards without seeing it through to the end. It’s not just Geminis who lose their enthusiasm somewhere along the way. More than a few of us have an unfinished project lurking around our homes. Others move from relationship to relationship, not giving the attention and energy that those relationships need to flourish. Sometimes the challenge of what we started seems too big, or we chalk it up to a lack of interest, or something or someone new and more exciting comes along. Other times we fault our busy schedules or cite any number of obligations that are keeping us from finishing what we started. To greater and lesser degrees we all need a lesson in stick-to-it-ness and no area is more important than maintaining our focus on our spiritual work.


As we grow spiritually, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explains that there are three levels of progressive connection to the Creator. When Rabbi Shimon heard this teaching he said, “If I only came into this world to hear this teaching, it would have been worthwhile.”




We all begin our relationship with the Creator as a daughter to her father, that is level one. Many come to spirituality because we need something: healing, assistance, happiness or purpose. We seek these things from the Creator as a daughter would from her father.


The next level is that of a sister to her brother. Brothers and sisters are peers. When they work together it is as equals in a partnership. A person who elevates to this level of connection to the Creator understands that they have a responsibility to act as the Creator and with the Creator in this world. Behaving as the Creator means that we share, that we know we have come into this world to bring more Light and to awaken a connection in others with the Creator.


The most elevated connection to the Creator is that of a mother to her son. A righteous person who has achieved this level of soul can tell the Creator where to manifest Light, just as a loving mother would advise her son. This is the highest level of spiritual growth. We are all meant to push ourselves to this highest spiritual level and that is why constant growth and movement is necessary.


Here are some words of strength from my husband Michael about staying the course on our spiritual path:

“I am on this path, no matter what, for my growth and for my movement, for my change. And only an individual who has that strength can be a true conduit for the Light of the Creator, can truly receive the ultimate and total blessings of the Light of the Creator. I see the darkness, and I see the challenges, and I see the fear, but I stand, I stay. I do not move back.”


To stay on our path we need strength, wisdom and clarity and luckily for us, we can have it because we have the opportunity to connect to this energy. It is during this month that we can make the most spiritual progress because of the gift of movement. It is up to us to stay the course. The beauty of this window in time is that everything we need to know is available to us, shining through us and awakened within us. Our job is to reveal the truth that resides within our souls.



Every single answer that you need, you have it. Every single piece of wisdom that you need, you have. Every single strength that you need, you have. And it shines to you, that is, awakened to you, in this month like in no other time in the year.


Every single one of us, as we exist now, has everything that we will need in all areas. We need to reveal it, and that is the spiritual work throughout the year. But in this month of Sivan, in this month of Gemini, it shines to us like in no other month and we can connect to it like in no other month if we truly understand this. And we do what we can in this month to connect to who we are, to the true wisdom of our soul, and power of our soul, and knowledge of our soul, it will shine to us more powerfully in this month than in any other time of the year.

[/blockquote] -Michael Berg


Thought Into Action


Listen to the wisdom and the power of your soul. What are you inspired to shift? Where are you inspired to give more?


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