Gemini: Stay the Course

May 17, 2018
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The beginning of the month of Gemini should come with the same disclaimer you hear at the beginning of a thrill ride: “Fasten your seatbelt and keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times!” The energy of gemini is fast, intentional, and forward-moving and we’re all getting a dose of warp speed this month. Continuing with the roller coaster analogy, Gemini also brings with it a lesson: once you’re on the ride you’ve got to ride it until the end.

A little about those born under this sign (I consider myself somewhat of an expert with two Gemini daughters and a part-Gemini husband), they are quick-thinking, alert, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information, humor, efficiency, and novelty. A Gemini will grasp all sides of a question, integrate a standpoint and make a decision all at the same time!

Because of the speed of their intellects, Geminis have a great tendency to be reactive, to act or speak without completely thinking it through. Their quick wit is an effective offensive and defensive weapon. Gemini is ruled by Mercury – the fastest planet in our solar system, traveling at 140,000 miles per hour and managing to complete a full trip around the sun in just 88 Earth days. Both Gemini and Mercury represent communication in all of its forms and this paired with speed can either move mountains — or level them.

Not coincidentally, one of the gifts of the month is movement, the ability to move forward, to move out of and to make changes more quickly than at other times of the year. While this can mean making professional, personal, or creative moves, it all ultimately comes down to making spiritual moves.

Let’s say you’ve set a goal of going back to school and getting your graduate degree. You’re filled with inspiration and motivation, everything is lining up just right, and you’re already planning your graduation party and maybe even the work that you’ll do post-graduation. Maybe you’ve bought yourself a new computer, you’ve created an office for your work and study, and are energized with the vigor of a new beginning.

Now fast forward six months. You’re knee deep in finals, the kids have soccer, you haven’t slept, carving out that time to study is suddenly impossible. All of the excitement is gone and in its place, ambivalence, maybe even dread. You can still see the end in sight and yet, find yourself wondering is this really worth it?

This zone is what makes a Gemini run just as fast… in the other direction. The shadow side of Gemini’s electricity is their distaste for feeling trapped, thus making commitments is less than desirable. The swiftness with which they begin a new project, idea, or relationship is the same swiftness with which they abandon it. But, as with every challenge, the gold is mined in the dirt.

Where do you feel you’ve you lost your enthusiasm? Is it a goal? A relationship? And idea? What has caused your sudden halt? I usually hear things like:

“I just don’t have the time anymore”

“It probably wasn’t going to go anywhere anyway”

“Its too much right now.”

Whatever your excuse is, the lesson of this month is contained right there. Why don’t you have the time anymore? Taking this question to heart could mean realizing that it isn’t a lack of time, it’s about needing to prioritize your needs. It isn’t about whether something is going to “go somewhere” it’s about dealing with your belief that it won’t.

Whatever kind of movement we’re looking to make, it will only ever truly be about our spiritual movement and growth.

This month, explore all the things that cause you to abandon your stick-to-itiveness. When the going gets tough, use it as the opportunity to get curious and ask what is happening beneath the surface, become a sleuth for clues about why you lost your spark, seek to connect even deeper to your trust in the process. And stay the course.

To do this we need strength, wisdom, and clarity and luckily for us, we can have it because we have the opportunity to connect with Gemini energy. It is during this month that we can make the most spiritual progress because of this gift of movement. It is up to us to stay the course. Our job is to reveal the truth that resides within our souls.

Every one of us, as we exist now, has everything that we will need in all areas. We need to reveal it and that is the spiritual work throughout the year. If we can connect to who we are, to the true wisdom, power, and knowledge of our soul, it will shine to us even more powerfully this month than in any other time of the year.


Commit to something this month but not simply to the finished product or destination — commit first to staying the course. Even when things lose their luster or get tough. Remember the process is the purpose and as you make your strides know that it’s about how you’re growing, not where you’re going.




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