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April 9, 2013
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Get excited!! There is a true gift available to you this month, and I’m going to share it with you. Rav Berg explains that this month provides us with the tremendous opportunity to awaken the knowledge that we have the power to heal ourselves. One of the primary principles of Kabbalah is that the perfect healer is oneself, and we should know and believe in how vast our powers to heal are. At first we may need a doctor’s assistance in the matter. The doctor may put two pieces of a bone together, but the doctor doesn’t participate in the ultimate healing process. They just create the optimal environment for you to heal yourself.

The kabbalists reveal that this word Iyar (Hebrew for Taurus) is actually an acronym, made up of other words, which specifically in this case are, “Ani Hashem Rofecha,” which means, “I, God, the Light of the Creator, am your healer.” This month is more than just about healing a physical ailment; it’s about healing ourselves emotionally and spiritually, and transforming our lives.

The month of Taurus (Iyar in Hebrew) is controlled by the planet Venus (nogah), and is aptly nicknamed the month of Light. Venus – Taurus’ ruler is the brightest shining object in the night sky. Those born in this month are highly influenced by Venus’ powers, and even those not born in this month will be affected by the powerful influence of Taurus, too. According to kabbalistic astrologists, we can expect some obstacles and delays during the month, but this is far from bad news; persevering through discomfort and delays is what provides us with opportunities that aid in our overall healing transformation.

Taureans are known as the pacifists of the zodiac. They will go out of their way to maintain the peace, and are renowned for their patience and loyalty. They love their comfort; their home is their castle, and they are all too happy in their own company. The pursuit of comfort can make a Taurean very stubborn, and at times selfish. Give a Taurus a book and they are content to lie about on their own, and read it cover to cover. They have a general feeling of peace and wellbeing, and have a great appreciation and understanding for all things beautiful, wholesome and good.

Taureans don’t harbor prejudices, they constantly seek the good where nobody else will look for it, and they manage to uncover EVERY positive aspect of a situation.  Taureans are the eternal optimists of the zodiac – focusing only on the positive while completely disregarding the negative. In fact, one might say that they are a little too attached to the physical world around them… they don’t like the rug to be pulled out from under them, so to speak. They do not like change or discomfort, and will go to great lengths to deny that problems even exist! This can manifest as a lack of awareness, which is detrimental to their ability to make decisions, as well as their personal relationships. Their stubbornness prevents them from facing reality, and change.

Kabbalistically, one would say that they use the Light to deliberately stay in the dark. In the end they know that everything will work out as it is meant to, so they avoid dealing with what comes up before the end point. But steering ourselves away from discomfort only blocks us off from the challenges, which are meant as opportunities for blessings and growth. A lot of the time, and this is not solely reserved for those born under Taurus; we can all be complacent, and fail to do this work (of healing and correction) because we don’t want to acknowledge negativity or pain in our lives. We would rather avoid it altogether. But part of what Kabbalah stands for is the removal of all negativity from our lives. Having the knowledge that we have the power to do so is tantamount to achieving it.

At some point in all of our lives we reach a point of crisis, of chaos. It may happen intermittently throughout our lives, but chaos does not last forever. It will end. Chaos is an illusion, and our task is to persevere through with the certainty that the chaos is not infinite. It’s just present for a short while to teach us a lesson and provide an opportunity for growth.

We are intended to have happy and blessed lives, but we need to work for it. The point of the chaos is to see beyond it, and to persevere through it. When we’re totally comfortable in everything in our lives, and everything is smooth sailing there is no room to grow. Remember, a boat that doesn’t rock goes nowhere. A comfort zone is actually a stagnation zone. When something uncomfortable arises, it is an opportunity to grow, because there is something to reveal on the other side of the discomfort. It’s in the moments when we push outside of ourselves that the Light of the Creator can flow through us and create miracles.

This is the month to acknowledge and heal all the things you’ve been denying or hiding from. In order to bring blessings into our lives, we need to get out of our comfort zone, and embrace the challenges. It’s time to remove all your feelings of guilt and shame about past mistakes, indulging in gossip, or speaking with ill intent, and move forward, stronger and transformed. All the energy you need is available to you to emerge from your protective bubble, to engage with the world, your partner, your friend, or any problematic situations you’ve been avoiding, and take action, because healing and true fulfillment is your responsibility and your ultimate destiny.

“The Light is your shadow” –  Rav Berg.

This means that the way we behave toward ourselves, and toward others is what the Light mimics. As we go against our nature in spite of the pain and discomfort, the Light goes against its nature, making the impossible possible. This is the secret of miracles, and the true gift of the month.


Be your own healer this month. Meditate on the letters of the month, recite the Ana Bekoach, and give big. You can give by way of time, money or love, just as long as you stretch beyond what’s comfortable.

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  1. Spooky how timely this post is! But then again, I suppose that’s how it works with astrology. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Spooky how timely this post is! But then again, I suppose that’s how it works with astrology. Thanks for the reminder.

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