Get Smart, stupid.


When I was in school I hated math. There I’d be, struggling with an equation, (so would 15 other people in the class, by the way) but it was I who would get called up to the board to work on the equation in front of the entire class. I would stand there sweating and flushed – completely insecure – making deals with God that if I didn’t look like a total moron in front of my class I would do ANYTHING. Through much embarrassment, I’d finally come up with the answer and everyone would be all, “Ohhhhh, I get it now.” Sure they got it now through my trial and error, but I on the other hand would be mortified because I still didn’t get it, because all the while I was at the chalkboard, my only thought was “please, oh please let the recess bell ring, or better yet let the fire alarm go off!”

I’m one of three sisters, and when something happened – any big life moment – it always happened to me first, guaranteed! I became the predecessor, if you will, like a guinea pig, life moments would happen and people could learn from me, my circumstance, or my mistakes. Even when it came to having children, for my friends it all seemed easy, typical and went as expected, but mine had a little hiccup to it, kind of a big one actually. I was always the one who experienced things a little differently. It was like those days in math class. My whole life had this theme. At first I resented it and I thought, “Oh, great. Why me?” But nowadays I accept it as part of who I am and embrace it.

I am a recovering chronic worrier. Recovering, in fact, ever since I first came to understand that worrying, which is basically a complete lack of certainty, opens the door to negativity in our lives, and it comes in many different forms.  Of course I still have my moments, I’m human, but I’m not like I was by any means. I worried about so many things, big and little, and it created negative openings. Once I realized the impact worrying had on my life, you better believe how quickly I changed my belief system and that aspect of myself.

The importance of not worrying, and of having certainty is a prominent lesson in this new month of Kislev, the Hebrew word for Sagittarius. Kislev has been used in a couple of instances when the understanding of the word is closely similar to meaning “silly thoughts.” It sounds random, I know. During this month of miracles, in Psalms, King David says, “My mind, my thoughts are filled with all types of stupidity. Stupid thoughts are not thoughts of certainty.”

In Proverbs it says, “The Creator will be there for you in your stupid thoughts.” And that is the secret of the month of Kislev; the Creator will support us. We can awaken miracles if we know how far our thoughts are from certainty.

We all keep our minds very busy with silly things, what if’s and doubts, “What if this happens?” “What if this doesn’t come through?” Thoughts of stupidity are negative thoughts, doubts, anger, sadness… everything we feel without certainty. The moment we can acknowledge the silliness of our thoughts is when we can inject our lives with certainty.

In order to have true certainty, we must make an effort every single day, and in order to attain it, it is vital that we understand what true certainty is, because we often mistake it for hope or positive thinking. The problem with positive thinking is as long as everything goes our way, we feel good about it, but the moment something negative happens, our thoughts follow suit. Positive thinking is influenced by situation and circumstance. Whereas certainty, true certainty, is constant, unflappable, and always connected to the Light of the Creator.

Above all else we must be simple in our approach to become certain. Rashi, the great kabbalist explains this concept of being simple with the Light of the Creator in three stages, and I actually use this three-step process constantly. I want you to use this in your everyday life and keep it with you. I encourage you to print out these three steps and look at it everyday of this month to help you grow your certainty.

Three Steps in Walking in Simplicity

The FIRST STEP is to WALK SIMPLY, which means no matter what happens, I accept it with simplicity. I don’t look into why; no matter what is said, no matter what somebody does to me, I accept it.

The SECOND is KNOW IT WILL BE GOOD. Know that no matter how it appears, it’s coming from the Creator, and ultimately it will be good. Don’t make it about the person or the situation. Make it about the lesson.

And last but not least, the THIRD is DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE, not about the future, and not about trying to figure out the future. To try to figure out the future separates us from the Light. That’s it.

This month we need to push, awaken and sustain this consciousness. Keep it simple, and always remember that the Creator will be there for us in our stupid thoughts. We will always be supported in silly thoughts, which keep our minds so busy, because when we are broken and beaten down, the Creator will show us, and support us through the gift of certainty to lift us back up.

The only thing that can get in our way to walking simply is fear, because fear complicates our reality, muddles our minds, and it leads to doubt. We often play a trick on ourselves when doubt is awakened; we start bargaining with ourselves. We think, “Oh, when I get through this rough patch, when I wind up in a better place, then I’ll do the work and reveal Light. Right now, there’s too much chaos for me to focus. I need things to calm down. I’ve got to figure this out. I’ve got to fix this one thing in my life, and then I will connect to the Light.”

But the very reason that we’re in this world is to experience those moments that come from uncertainty, because they have the potential to elevate us the most. Kabbalists say that no great blessing will ever come into a person’s life unless it’s preceded by doubt and uncertainty.

Make this month work for you by utilizing the gift of simplicity, applying this mental shift and tapping into the profound energy of life and every day. The catalyst for our blessings and miracles to enter is the moment we can truly accept how far we are from certainty. Happy Sagittarius everyone, this is your time to walk simply and with great certainty.


How much certainty do you have in your ability to create and manifest your goals and desires? Write one miracle that you’ve wanted for yourself deeply. In this month remove your uncertainty and see how much closer you are to achieving your goals – especially the ones you view the most unattainable by the end of the month.

When you realize you’re sitting with darkness, the Creator becomes your Light.


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  1. Dear Monica,
    I have the exact same problem you had in the past: I worry too much about everything, and this simply keep ruining my positive thoughts. I´ll start to do the 3 steps now! You´re words are wonderful and inspiring.

    Your husband is coming to the KC in Brazil, I hope to see you around here as well.

    Big fan…

  2. Dear Monica,
    I have the exact same problem you had in the past: I worry too much about everything, and this simply keep ruining my positive thoughts. I´ll start to do the 3 steps now! You´re words are wonderful and inspiring.

    Your husband is coming to the KC in Brazil, I hope to see you around here as well.

    Big fan…

    • Hi Mazzaron, compulsive worrying is a common problem – you are not alone! It sounds like you are bringing awareness to this challenge and have a sincere desire to work on it – this is the first and most meaningful step in changing. Warmly, Monica

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