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Monica has a unique gift for getting to the heart of an issue. This series allows you to witness Monica’s work with real couples and singles as they put the tools of Rethink Love into action. In this three-part series, Monica guides both couples and singles through the principles and practical teachings of Rethink Love.

The first part “Me” is about the fundamental first and most crucial step in relationships, one that most people miss, the relationship you have with yourself. The second part, “Me to We,” is about how to maintain your beliefs and stay grounded in who you are while navigating the intricacies of a relationship with someone else. The third part “We” is a manual for growing your relationship to its ultimate potential.

No matter your relationship status, each section provides in-depth tools and workshops to help you dive deeper into the love you want.

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Rethink Love Is For Anyone Who Is In Love, Wants Love, Or Wishes To Rekindle Love.

Elevate the quality of your relationships and rethink the very definition of love

Powerful tools and insights for your current relationship status—single, partnered, and married readers alike

Practical pathways to immediate, long-lasting solutions for improving your relationship

About the Book

Rethink Love

Insightful, practical, and a page-turner, this book challenges readers to elevate the quality of their relationships and rethink the very definition of love. With the tools and insights Monica offers, single, partnered, and married readers alike will learn how to enhance the love they give, appreciate the love they receive, and build the framework for a lasting fulfilling relationship.

Rethink Love will take readers on a journey of self-discovery drawing from the universal principles of Kabbalah, current scientific and psychological research, Monica’s life experiences, and her decades of counseling couples.

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