Global Women’s Circle: Transforming Grief and Fear into Action

November 17, 2023
Reading time: < 1 minute


Calling all-powerful women! Join us for a special Women’s Circle with Monica Berg as we come together to manifest Light into action and counter the darkness we see in the world. Without a doubt, there are a lot of heavy things going on in our world at the moment. We may be feeling tremendous sorrow coupled with a sense of helplessness, and of course, a deep fear that things will only get worse. But as women, we also know how to persevere. And when we come together, our collective wisdom and power know no limits. As Karen Berg said, “Today, women are poised to bring the world to a time of enlightenment.” In this highly interactive Women’s Circle, Monica will lead us in discussing ways in which we can transform our pain and grief into action, how we can refuse to let fear paralyze us, how we can create more positivity for the world and more. This is a safe, supportive space for authentic dialogue and expression, as well as all types of questions.

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