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It’s the New Moon of Taurus, and there is an abundance of energy to tap into, as well as a great deal we can learn from those born under this sign.  Ruled by the planet Venus – the goddess of love and beauty and known in Hebrew as the month of Iyar—aptly nicknamed the month of Light—this month is all about healing and finding true fulfillment.  It is our responsibility to tap into what is available to us.  So, here is what you need to look out for.

Quite often when we think ‘Taurus’ we immediately think of a bull, since it is the accepted astrological symbol.  Those born under this sign have a reputation for being a little stubborn – a trait synonymous with bull-like behavior.  But let’s not misinterpret this with bullish conduct – far from it!  They are highly influenced by Venus, having a great appreciation and understanding for all things beautiful, wholesome and good.  They constantly seek the good where nobody else will look for it and manage to uncover EVERY positive aspect in every situation.

Taureans are known for their patience and loyalty.  They don’t harbor prejudices (that’s something we should all strive for!)  They also love their comfort; their home is their castle, and they are not easily moved.  Kind of like a peaceful bull grazing quietly in a grassy meadow – just chilling, and eating.  No stress, no mess, no fuss – happy in their own company with a general feeling of peace and wellbeing.

You see, those born under Taurus KNOW that everything will work out – they have complete certainty that the world will do right by them, which let’s be honest, sounds like you’ve hit the jackpot to life’s worries!  But… this isn’t necessarily the best way to go through life.  We all know (I hope we do) that life is about persevering through discomfort.  Uncomfortable situations are essential tools aiding our transformation.

Having such a deep appreciation for beauty and overall goodness they tend to detest apparent ugliness to such an extent that they go to all kinds of lengths to deny that it even exists. Kabbalistically, one would say that they use the Light to deliberately stay in the dark.  That’s not awareness.  Steering oneself away from any kind of discomfort or displeasure is not entirely the point to life.  It’s like the saying goes; a diamond is just a lump of coal put under pressure.  It’s important we adopt this outlook, especially this month!

This month, be aware of not settling into complacency.  If you need the extra motivation to get passionate about a new venture, project, relationship, and life in general, focus within.  Don’t put yourself in a protective bubble to protect you from challenging situations, face them head on… like a bull!  Face the challenge.  Just because it looks bad, doesn’t mean it will end up that way.

Always remember that we need to work towards revealing life’s blessings and gifts.  It takes unwavering effort, and consciousness.  Be alert, be aware and let the abundance of Light and energy help you to heal and find fulfillment.  Whether you’re healing past hurts, or past financial strains… whatever it may be, look within.  You need not rely on anyone else to make these shifts.  Tap into the consciousness of this month and keep a look out.  It may seem like your peace and tranquility is thrown off a little, but always remember that no matter what, it will all come right in the end.


  1. Are you a creature of comfort?
  2. Do you shy away from challenging situations?
  3. What do you do to prevent yourself from engaging in these situations?

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