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February 11, 2016
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Welcome to the first installment of Pisces (there are two months of Pisces this year). The kabbalists teach that different periods of time have different openings; specifically, they are channels that open unique opportunities for us depending on when they occur in time. Every month has a unique energy, and in order to make the most of it, we want to understand the gifts and the challenges inherent to it—because this energy not only impacts those born under the sign, but the rest of us, as well.


The opportunity available to us in this month of Pisces is that we can draw joy and happiness to our entire year. But, do we actually believe that we can be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks of the month and 12 months of the year? And do we believe it, especially when undesired things arise in our lives?


Kabbalists teach that our plans don’t always go as we want them to, but this is where the greatest opportunities for joy come from. While we can’t control what occurs around us, we can control our reaction to it. We tend to believe ourselves to be dependent on what happens for our happiness. But what happens to us is the most unstable thing in the world because it is constantly changing.


Most of us look at the present as either marred by something that has happened that shouldn’t have, or deficient because of something that has not happened that should have. Instead of living this way, we can choose what to pay attention to and learn how to construct meaning from experiences remembering that nothing in life happens for naught.


Kabbalists teach that the core of true and lasting happiness is the connection to our soul. The reason that we feel sadness, darkness, and depression is because we are not connected to the desires of our soul. If we are able to live in truth of what our soul desires, there is constant happiness. Friction comes about when we are ruled by the desires of the body (the ego) and this is when we experience times of sadness.


If you want to connect to your soul—which is where inspiration and joy come from—you need to focus your life on the internal aspect of things. The more we focus our thoughts, worries and desires on external things, the less we are connected to our souls. Every time we worry about what someone thinks, says, or might be doing to us, we build a barrier between body and soul.


In one of the letters that Rav Brandwein wrote to Rav Berg he stated:

You have to feed and awaken your soul because if your soul does not become alive, it does not give you life.


Ask yourself, What do I spend more time worrying about …

  • my internal change and growth?
  • or what others may be saying or thinking about me?


This has been an important lesson for me that helped me create a valuable shift in my consciousness and what I choose to focus on. People talk about each other all the time! And sometimes, those words make their way back to the person under discussion, which happens to me often. I receive a lot of unsolicited information about myself. So, it’s pointless to be busy with what other people think and say. Instead, you can choose to focus on what is really important—like the spiritual growth and desires of your soul. At the end of the day, what people do to me is on them, not me. The only thing that is on me is revealing and acting upon what my soul came to this world to do.


As for how this month affects each of us personally, two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolize Pisces. Kabbalistically, water symbolizes mercy and good fortune. Pisces’ ruling planet, Jupiter, is the planet of abundance. With influences like these it is no small wonder that Pisceans are such compassionate and generous people and this month we all get a taste of the feel-good generosity and an extra dose of compassion.  Born to share, they are devoted and loyal, knowing inherently that service and devotion is the purpose of life and brings great happiness.


As for the fish swimming in opposite directions, well, Pisceans often struggle with making decisions, their head tells them one thing, and their heart dictates something else, making it nearly impossible for them to make a choice. Kabbalist, Rav Berg, explained the reason for their indecision is that they are connected to two worlds: the physical world as we see it, and the spiritual world. Intensely intuitive, they are more aware that everything they “see” is actually an illusion. For this reason, Pisceans should usually act on their first hunch—their gut feeling. So, if you find yourself feeling confused this month, your best bet is to go with your instincts. Gut feelings are powerful and the energy of Pisces strengthens our intuition.


Thought Into Action

Where is your focus? Could you spend more time contemplating more important matters? Is your soul hungry?

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