Homework… it’s NOT just for kids!


There are times when we feel overwhelmed by some of our thoughts and emotions, so we simply block their messages.  Often we resist the messages from our inner voice because we are scared of what listening to them might require us to change.  The less you resist change, the more you realize your consciousness is capable of taking on multiple perspectives.  Does fear dictate the choices you make?  Are you getting in the way of your own success?

Our higher level self, our soul; our true essence does not get threatened by change, but rather excited by it.

Here is an opportunity to gauge where you are in your life and how you can change your life for the better.  Remember that releasing emotions allows your body to heal and your soul to express itself. Putting your inner-most thoughts on paper releases guilt, sadness and anger.  Turn off your internal censors and write about your experiences – both positive and negative – as honestly as you can.  See where these questions take you, have an open heart and an open mind as you get interactive this week.

1.      Is what you’re doing in your life working?  How are you spending your time & effort?
What are you trying to achieve with that energy?
Is it working for you?

Check every area of your life and find one area that isn’t working. Tell yourself this may have been my habit, but now is the time to change it.

2.      Are your pay-offs healthy?

People do things repeatedly, because they are getting some kind of pay off. But oftentimes the reward for your choices isn’t healthy or constructive.  For instance, take smoking.  Smokers get a pay-off by feeling better in the moment, but robbed of their health & years off of their lives.

3.      Are you getting in the way of your own success?  Are your decisions carrying you toward what you want?

Let’s say you have a fear of elevators.  Working on the 1st floor is not a problem – you don’t have to encounter the elevator.  Fast forward to; you have just been offered a better job on the 32nd floor, but you don’t take it because you don’t want to get into the elevator or climb the stairs everyday (although climbing thirty two flights of stairs a day – maybe even twice a day if you go out for lunch… you would get super fit!)

4.      Are you making everyone happy except yourself?

Perhaps you don’t want to work in the family business, but you feel obligated to get onboard.  It may be easier to say “No” to yourself, than to someone else.  Perhaps steering away from their disappointment is more important than not disappointing yourself, but invariably the loss will be greater 30 years from now.

Look at why you are unwilling to stand up for who you are and what you want.

5.      Are you living with your ego in the driver’s seat?  Do you resist promising ideas & opportunities because you’re allowing your negative baggage to influence you?

Going through life motivated by anger & resistance will get you nowhere. It’s time to steer your outlook in a more positive direction.

6.      Have you become too comfortable?  Are you stuck because you’re afraid to take a leap of faith?

A comfort zone is actually a stagnation zone.  Consider that you may be afraid to acknowledge that it’s time for change simply because you’re scared to make it happen.  When we are younger we tend to take a lot more risks and we consider the “failures” with a healthy attitude, the “failure” was a mistake, which provided a valuable lesson.  But when we are older we have the sense that there is so much more on the line, so much more to lose and a mistake now would result in irreversible failure.

7.      Are you low on your own priority list?

We tend to live reactive rather than proactive lives; we wake up every morning and deal with what is thrown our way out of necessity; often our needs and wants are not met because we merely run out of time. BUT remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.  Put yourself higher up on your priority list.

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