How to Experience a Miracle Now

February 29, 2024
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Take a moment right now to think about what it is in your life that you are really wanting to experience. Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute if you can, and imagine the things you desire.

Is it a soulmate relationship? Is it landing your dream job? More time to spend with your kids? A financial miracle? A health miracle? Whatever it is, create the picture in your mind with clarity.

Got it? Good.

Now, what if I told you that what you want isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of the level of miracles that are waiting for you? That what you imagined is truly only a fraction of what is actually possible for you? Miracles exist in the unseen realms, in a dimension of pure potential and possibility. Even when I asked you to imagine what you want to experience, you’re likely forming that picture based on what you personally believe is possible.

But what if even your wildest vision for your life, your greatest dream, was not only possible, but it was waiting for you just around the corner? I’m here to tell you that it is, and the only thing in the way is: you.

Today is Leap Day, and this extra day that is granted to us every four years is a sweet opportunity to become a vessel for the miraculous. Miracles are active, they require our participation and sometimes, our effort. They certainly aren’t just doled out by the Universe based on merit. They arrive for those who show up, who are open, spiritually hungry, and filled with appreciation.

Many of us don’t think of miracles as being practical, right? Creating miracles in your life may sound like a concept straight out of a fairy tale, but in reality, it’s actually about making profound and positive changes. There is a formula for co-creating the miraculous, and it requires boldness, practicality, and a shift in perspective.

Start with opening your eyes

Think about the way you feel when your child hugs you. The rush of love and appreciation for not only the fact that someone loves you that much but that you’re right there receiving it. Miracle. The bed you snuggle into at night, the world of color that your eyes allow you to experience, the friends and family and people in your life who support and inspire you. All miracles.

Recognizing the miracles that are already all around us is a transformative practice. This alone can help cure the spiritual laziness we often get stuck in. It’s easy to write gratitude lists and journal about your desires without actually feeling them and owning them. By slowing down and cultivating a mindset of appreciation, we can begin to notice and cherish these miracles, large and small. This is the first step to aligning with the miraculous.

Acknowledge the miracle of what didn’t happen

My father-in-law, Rav Berg, told me a story once that I still think about. A student came to him once, so excited, and recounted the experience he had had on his way to Shabbat. “I woke up this morning, and on my way here to Shabbat, I got into a car accident! But miraculously, no one was hurt! My car doesn’t even have a scratch on it! It was a miracle!” The Rav looked at him and said, “That is a miracle! And you know, I woke up today and also headed here this morning, and I didn’t get into a car accident. That is a miracle, too!”

Miracles can also apply to things that we may have wanted but didn’t get. It seems counterintuitive to think of some of our deepest desires going unmanifested as miracles, but in hindsight, you’ll likely find this to be true. Garth Brooks, the country music legend, had a song called “Unanswered Prayers” chart at Number One on the Billboard Charts in 1991. In an interview, he shared that the inspiration for the song came from him and his wife running into his high school ex-girlfriend at a football game. This woman had been the unrequited love of his life for many years, but he was now in the real marriage of his dreams with his wife. He described having “the unshakable awareness that what you have is the best for you.”

Be of radical service

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. If we want to receive radically, we can begin by giving radically. Giving to an uncomfortable degree. Becoming so generous that people are gobsmacked! You don’t have to be a billionaire to give extravagantly, and generosity doesn’t have to be about money. Generosity can be giving your time through volunteering or through supporting a friend. It can be donating things that are collecting dust in your home, but could be the exact thing someone else needs. It can simply be a generosity of spirit, offering kindness and positivity to every person you cross paths with.

Being of service to others is a pathway to creating miracles not just in the lives of those we help but in our own lives as well. It opens our hearts, enriches our spirits, and transforms our existence in ways that bring joy, fulfillment, and a profound sense of connection to the world around us. Through service, we discover that the true miracle is in the giving itself, and in doing so, we invite an abundance of blessings into our lives.

The topic of miracles is one that I will never miss an opportunity to expand on. Leap Day may be a fun occasion, but why not see it as an invitation to remember that the miraculous is possible every day? Because, indeed, every day is a miracle. They may be filled with mundane events, but if you look closely, they aren’t so mundane after all. I offer you this invitation: every day write down one miracle that you experience. You’ll be amazed at how they add up.

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  1. Julieta Victoria : March 3, 2024 at 6:10 pm

    “… the true miracle is in the giving itself, and in doing so, we invite an abundance of blessings inti our lives…”.

  2. Jonathan Daniel Kruger Erbstein : March 8, 2024 at 1:29 am

    Amazing, thank you, it was a very interesting day, but this made me change my perspective! Light

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