I Am Leo, Hear Me Roar.



Ah, the King of The Jungle – the proud Leo stretches luxuriously in the amber glow of the sun.  A mighty force brimming with confidence, power and ability, self-assured, magnanimous, as well as a natural born leader… a Leo is certainly impressive and hard to ignore.  What’s even harder to ignore is the energy available for us this month… so let’s ensure we all get the lion’s share of it!

These New Moon posts are intended to not only help guide you through the month, but help you understand aspects of your personality—if you happen to be a Leo—or someone in your family, a friend, or a partner.  But for now, let’s learn how we can all avert any challenges that may come up this month.

The month of Leo, or AV as expressed in Hebrew, is certainly a conundrum.  Here is a month that is understood by kabbalists as a “negative month.”  The months of Leo, Cancer and Capricorn each bear this “negativity,” as it were.  But what exactly does this mean?  How can months be negative?

As we know, each sign is ruled by a planet, but Leo is not influenced by a planet, oh no, Leo’s ruler, is the sun. In fact, it is THE ONLY sign ruled by and influenced by the fiery star at the center of our Solar System.  This would certainly explain Leo’s propensity for thinking that the world revolves around them; ever the king or queen of their kingdom, looking to rule, regulate and organize their dominion the way they want it, and prefer it. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard the words “arrogant”, and “Leo” used in the same sentence before.

However, the flip side of their perceived arrogance is tremendous generosity, charisma and power. This is what makes a Leo so alluring. They are incredibly social beings. They love to entertain, and have people around them. Beneath the shell of their bold exterior, a Leo just wants to be loved, acknowledged and accepted.  It is this need that links them to their happiness, as well as their sadness.

In Kabbalah it is believed that the sun directly links us to the Infinite Light that created us, which is solely made of everything positive in the world.  Since the sun governs this month, we have a mighty amount of energy to contend with. The energy is at its most abundant, with great promise for positive wonderful things.  But as we know, the amount of positive energy is directly proportional to what’s available as negative energy, too.  Light and shadow, yin and yang, good and bad… you understand.

During this month, with the force of Light at its most potent, without a shield to direct it, harness it and temper it, it is viewed as being negative.  It’s like going to the beach on a hot, sunny, beautiful day without wearing sunscreen, and expecting not to get sunburned.    All we need this month is the awareness of focusing the strong powers at play in a constructive and proactive manner. We need a barrier to protect us – some sunscreen!

The reason the month will seem a challenge is—as Karen Berg so aptly explains—“People ask why there must be negativity.  Because only through the transformation of our personal negativity can we become full of Light.”  This process is never easy, but the harder it is, the brighter the Light, the bigger the reward, and the closer we get to true fulfillment.

The challenge this month is this: our ego.  Our ego CONSTANTLY convinces us that we know it all. It incessantly persuades us that everything we have, own or create belongs only to us.  The remedy to this: humility. We must strive to understand that we are all part of the Creator; everything we have is from a higher being, greater than we can ever imagine.  Nothing belongs to us – if anything, every gift we have, every moment we experience, is a blessing from the Light.  And if nothing belongs to us, then we are free to share everything, because we have nothing to be attached to, but rather to share and be grateful for.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of the abundant miracles available to you this month. Harness the true potential of this month by remembering that we are all one, and part of something far greater.


1.    Channel the power of the sun this month.

2.    Keep your pride and ego in check.

3.    Share wherever possible; listen more and practice patience for all.


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