I'm voting YES on 37


As you all know, Tuesday the 6th is election day. I rarely get involved in politics or share my views on such, but there is an issue on the ballot in California that I am passionate about as a health conscious woman and mother of three. I encourage California voters to please read about Proposition 37, which requires genetically modified foods to be labeled.

Voting YES on California’s Proposition 37 will require all genetically modified foods to be labeled, something that’s currently not done in the US but is done in more than 50 other countries. This means you’ll have a choice between buying an ear of corn that’s been genetically modified and one that’s not. It’s just a label! And it’s just freedom of information, after all. Read more here: http://www.carighttoknow.org/

If you’re still not convinced, one need only take a look at the link below to see how much money the large food companies are spending in an attempt to defeat proposition 37.

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