It’s Gemini, and the Whole World is Humming!

May 26, 2022
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Do you feel the crackle of energy around you? The kind that brings to mind a summer evening in a sparkling city… or that electric moment just before your favorite band steps out on stage? You’re probably feeling the cosmic current of Gemini, pulsing with limitless possibility! This month (Sivan in Hebrew) is all about movement, change, excitement, and energy of all kinds.

Ruled by the planet Mercury (which travels at 140,000 miles per hour and dashes around the sun in just 88 Earth days!), those born under the sign of Gemini are able to process information at warp speed. They are inherently “mercurial”: defined by terms like brilliant, enthusiastic, quick to think, and quick to laugh.

I know this firsthand, since Geminis inhabit an almost mystical presence in my life. I have two Gemini daughters, a half-Gemini husband, and a Gemini best friend, for starters (and don’t even get me started on the amount of time spent gift shopping this month!). They’re human lightning rods, able to perceive and utilize frequencies the rest of us might not even know exist. They’re like orchestra conductors–only, instead of conducting music, they conduct the flow of activity and ideas.

And lucky for us, this month, we can all channel the dynamic mystique of this sign. Gemini is the superconductor of the zodiac with multiple circuits extending in all directions, including between the earth and the celestial sphere. In his book Kabbalistic Astrology, the Rav explains how “physical proximity indicates a spiritual resemblance. As the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury has the greatest spiritual similarity to that star. “For this reason, the energy of Gemini brings us an opportunity to bridge the physical world with the Light of the Creator more quickly and easily than at any other time of year!

This opens a tremendous opportunity for manifesting anything we desire: a creative project, a new exercise regimen, a bold innovation, or a new friendship or relationship. The air (Gemini’s element) is stirring with potential, and from that potential, we can manifest our goals and desires with more efficiency.

But because Gemini is a dual sign, symbolized by twins, balance is important. Consider the planet Mercury: On the side facing the sun, temperatures can reach 800+ degrees Fahrenheit! Meanwhile, the dark side can plummet to -330 degrees. So, while we might feel all circuits set to ON, if we push too far or become overtaxed… ever heard of a blown fuse? Exactly. All circuits OFF.

We can avoid “short-circuiting” by slowing down, getting enough sleep, and scheduling moments for reflection and connection with those we love. These are things I continue to work on in my own Gemini-inspired “all-systems-go” schedule these days. (Learning–it’s a process!)

While in the luster of Gemini, we can also get a bit caught up in the shiny-pretty world of appearances. But since the real light lies on the inside, we need to get past the glitz and glamour and dig deeper. As Gemini architect Frank Lloyd Wright said (when asked about his design inspiration), “The answer [lies] in yourself… within the nature of the thing that you represent as yourself. That’s where architecture lies. That’s where humanity lies.”

When we strive to reveal our own true essence through our work, we, too, can become “messengers of the Light.” And we can look beyond the outside and not only notice, but cultivate, the inner light in others as well. It’s like opening the curtains to reveal a once-hidden sun!

In fact, there’s no better time to play bigger and brighter and to step out of your comfort zone.

Start by asking:

What am I seeking (Connection? A new romance? A healthier body? More intellectual or creative stimulation? etc.)? And how can I tap into this month’s cosmic influence to begin to shed more light on my vision?

How can I turn up the dial on my life while also maintaining a healthy sense of balance?

This month, get out there and enjoy the zing in the air! Some may think it’s just spring fever, but with the influence of Gemini providing an almost constant charge, we’re all vibrating at a higher frequency!

Remember: We are connected to the Light of the Creator in the same way that a street lamp is connected to the power grid. We can go about our business with the switch turned to OFF, or we can turn ON our efforts, tune in to what we truly want, and start creating. Relating. Transforming.

Because when enough of us tap into that current, it’s like all the avenues of our lives switch on at once, like Broadway at dusk. The lights are twinkling, there’s a buzz in the air, and I think I hear some jazz playing in the distance…

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