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December 15, 2016
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Taking something for granted is typically defined as assuming, without question, that you will not lose it now or anytime soon. Extending this definition to areas of our lives such as our relationships and our health, it becomes unnecessary for me to explain why this is detrimental. Taking things for granted means we stop tending to them. We stop planting new seeds and we stop caring for what has already grown. The natural next step is deterioration.


I am not political but an example of this principle can be found in our most recent presidential election. Both candidates campaigned tirelessly and diligently, however when it came to the battleground state of Wisconsin the plot twisted. Barack Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 and 2012 and as a result, Hillary expected to win it also. She tended it lightly but did not plant new seeds. Donald Trump visited Wisconsin several times, presumably because it was a state he knew he needed, and when the time came to elect a president Wisconsin voted in his favor. Clinton neglected her garden, and Trump saw a possibility of success where few thought he could succeed.


The lesson here is that we want to plant seeds everywhere. Even, and especially, where ‘the Earth is salted’. Because most of us aren’t farmers, to say the Earth is salted in the literal sense means that nothing can grow on that particular land. In our lives however, this is a metaphor for the goals and circumstances in our life that we neglect, because we have either forgotten about them or because we deem them as difficult or impossible. But, almost always, the Earth is only salted in our perceptions.


Energy is never wasted. When we look at our lives we usually assess them in weeks, months and years, but in truth we’re meant to focus on days. Each day has a specific energy and purpose, which each of us is meant to achieve. This energy, or spark of Light as the kabbalists teach, is something we are given an exact amount of days to perfect. To bring about. The energy is never wasted, but the time we spend perfecting it can be — which is why nothing should be taken for granted. This is true of all areas of our lives, including our goals and dreams.


An example of planting seeds despite the appearance of a salted Earth is JK Rowling, the award-winning author of the Harry Potter series. During the time Ms. Rowling was writing her novel she was recently divorced, on government aid, and was almost unable to provide for herself and her baby daughter. This is not a circumstance in which most would prioritize chasing their dreams, and yet she continued and eventually finished. But, because she was amidst financial struggle she couldn’t afford the printing costs of multiple manuscripts. Instead of giving it up and focusing on things she felt were more important, she elected to plant more seeds, manually typing out new copies of the manuscript to submit to publishers. It was turned down dozens of times, but she continued planting. And I think we all know how that turned out.


What areas in your life have you stopped tending because you decide that no growth is possible there? Or that growth isn’t even needed? It is likely in the areas you take for granted. Think of areas of your life that you may have been neglecting. It could be a relationship, your health, a goal. Whatever it may be look for areas where you can plant more seeds.


We all came here to fulfill a purpose specific to us and we were all given the exact amount Light, a spark for each day, in order to bring our purpose to fruition. Spend each day in active gratitude, sharing of your Light, and taking every opportunity you can to plant more seeds. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by blooms.


Thought into Action

Find one area in your life that you think could use some tending. Write down three ways you can plant new seeds here and then put those into action.


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