Lag B’Omer: Who Among You?

May 25, 2016
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Who among you has the ability to turn darkness into Light?


It’s not a trick question. And the answer is very simple: we all have that ability. Practically speaking, do you believe you really can turn darkness into Light? To turn a setback into an opportunity? To transform pain into growth? To change hate into love and kindness? To foster sharing from greed? To transcend suffering and achieve certainty?


Turning darkness into Light was the essence of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and tonight is Lag B’Omer and the anniversary of his death. Kabbalists explain that on the anniversary of a righteous person leaving this world, all of the Light (energy) they manifested in their lifetime is available to us. The righteous leave behind an imprint of their deeds on the world — leaving the entirety of their wisdom and power. On the anniversary of their death, we are able to connect with the very essence of that energy and draw it into our lives. Tonight, we have the ability to awaken the spark of Light within us to ensure our spiritual and physical well-being so that we may fulfill the purpose of our lives. 


Consider what you lack. I know, I counsel that counting our blessings and deepening our appreciation is far more helpful than focusing on what we don’t have, however, this is the night to connect to this energy of assistance, miracles, and unending Light. In order to awaken that Light, not just for ourselves, but for the world, we have to desire it.


So go ahead, make a list. What are the things you would like to draw into your life for yourself and your loved ones? Now make a second list, what blessings would you like for our world? By connecting to this window in time we can gain a greater ability to transform any lack, pain, or trauma into a blessing. 


The kabbalists tell us that Lag B’Omer is one of the most important days to awaken blessings in the entire year. Tonight and through tomorrow morning, we are able to tune into an open channel. Anybody with a true desire, with a true need, can have their prayers and their needs answered in a way that is not available any other time of the year. This is the gift of this day, to reveal our greatest secrets, desires, hopes and ambitions. 


Thought Into Action

Dream big. Our consciousness creates our reality, so push beyond what you think is reasonable or rational. Force yourself to desire more than seems possible.

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