Leo: How to Tame a Lion (Well, Sort Of…)

July 13, 2023
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Are you ready for your inner lion (or lioness) to step into the spotlight? We’re entering the month of Leo (Av in Hebrew)–a sign known for its regal, fiery, and often illustrious ways in the world. The energy of the cosmos during this time invites us to step up, take charge, and shine our Light with that Leo might to help illuminate the path for others. Ruled by the sun, Leo is naturally plugged into that Universal solar grid (a little like an electric car–only this one comes fully charged!). Yet all this potency also holds an equal challenge for every Leo and for all of us this month: to live with humility and seek to receive not for ourselves alone, but for the purpose of sharing with others.

My late father-in-law, the pioneering visionary and kabbalist Rav Berg, embodied the best of Leo’s attributes and so much more. He had mastered the Tikkune, or the correction, faced by the energy of Leo. Because while this sign’s inherent knack for rising through the ranks can often be intertwined with ego, the Rav lived, learned, and led with great compassion and empathy toward others.

And that is the key to maximizing the energetic power of this time. We may even charm ourselves with the boost of confidence we feel this month! Yet if we get caught up in the trappings of doing it all for me, myself, and I, well–all that potential will end right where it began. We’ll be wasting all the magic by keeping that Leo pixie dust hidden in our pockets. This is the month to spread the Light and the love!

One of the Rav’s most cherished [moral beliefs] was what is known as the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others as You Would Wish to Have Done Unto You. Put even more simply, Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. It begins with realizing and recognizing the common spark of humanity in everyone–and, for that matter, everything–around us.

It’s easier said than done. Why? For two reasons. First, because sometimes that Light has been shrouded in those we meet along the way–be it by pain or anger or the darker aspects of life. We can’t always discern what we cannot see, right? Just like an infant will believe a ball to have “disappeared” when it’s only been hidden behind a curtain, we must consciously remember that the Light is always there, no matter what… or who… or where.

Second, we’re also constantly contending with that #1 Light blocker in the neighborhood: our own ego! A byproduct of the human condition, our ego desires to receive for the self alone. It perceives us as separate (we are, after all, individuals in a way)… so it throws fits and gets easily bruised when our expectations are unmet. We may get angry or defensive. Or we blame, judge, and punish. But when we’re held captive by these darker inclinations, we become further entrenched in our separateness. And in that war zone, we may even resort to turning the weapons on ourselves. How can Light permeate such well-constructed walls?

The good news is this: Kabbalah teaches that it takes only one action of positivity to break down the barriers and let in the Light! The inner work of Leo is to see past appearances and to perceive that divine spark in ourselves and others… while simultaneously keeping the ego in check.

Because that feline confidence must be balanced with humbleness to grow our love for others and ourselves. That also means stepping back from comparisons. Practice shutting down any “I’m better (or lesser) than so-and-so” mindset. If you feel such thoughts arise, correct them with something like this: At the essence, we are the same. How can I turn up the Light for us both, and for us all?”

Thinking in such a way–with an authentic desire to improve the world beyond yourself–magnifies Leo’s luminosity so that it might become a beacon for others, just as Rav Berg was for his thousands of students and followers. And just as the Rav and Karen stood their ground when faced with naysayers or critics, don’t be afraid to roar like a lion for the things you truly believe (okay, but don’t wake the neighbors, because we’re loving them, remember?).

Because most of all, this month challenges us to shine with the fullness of ourselves into all the darkened spaces… to make a difference in the world not just through our doing, but through our being. With that effort, walls will crumble, bridges will manifest, and new connections will crackle like that powerful solar energy Leo brings.

And, as we grow and expand ourselves, we’ll come to realize that this spark of Light doesn’t stop with us, our communities, or even humanity as a whole. That same flame resides within every other living being on the planet. And more universally, it permeates everything that ever was or ever will be.

That’s the ultimate throne we all share… we need only to step up and claim it!


  1. Light permeates all that is, was and ever shall be. Thank you.

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