Let’s explore our options…


Let’s create alternatives to the thoughts that automatically come into our mind when we’re feeling down.

It’s my fault.

Instead you could think:

(& ladies don’t say it’s your husband’s fault either)

It’s nobody’s fault.

Finding fault does no good, focus on the solution.

I’m not good enough.

Instead you could think:

I am whole, perfect & complete. I don’t need to compare myself to others.

It’s not about being good or bad.

Nothing ever works out for me.

Instead you could think:

Things have a way of working out. I can ask for help from others or assistance from the Light. Being pessimistic doesn’t serve me.

I knew things would go wrong.

Instead you could think:

Looking backward is only good if it leads to a better future.

I can’t do anything about it.

Instead you could think:

Something can always be done; there is always another way. No one situation lasts forever. Things are constantly changing.

Practice learning new responses to counteract your recognized depressed response.

The negative/depressed response paints everything with the same brush, so remember to add some color to your day. Happiness — like anything else in life — takes work. But over time these strategies will become habitual.

Don’t fool yourself into believing you are moody and that other person is cheery. We all have ups & downs & moods. We need to choose who’s in the driver’s seat and which emotion or thought you want to give energy to.

Journal: Begin designing your battle plan.  How will you greet your next challenge?  How will you respond the next time things don’t go your way? Think about it now, so you won’t have to think when it happens.  You will be able to accept it and move through it with grace and Light.

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