Rethink Love is for anyone who is in love, wants love, or wishes to rekindle love.

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Rethink Love: 3 Steps to Being the One, Attracting the One, and Becoming the One

Insightful, practical, and a page-turner, this book challenges readers to elevate the quality of their relationships and rethink the very definition of love. With the tools and insights Monica offers, single, partnered, and married readers alike will learn how to enhance the love they give, appreciate the love they receive, and build the framework for a lasting fulfilling relationship.

Rethink Love will take readers on a journey of self-discovery drawing from the universal principles of Kabbalah, current scientific and psychological research, Monica’s life experiences, and her decades of counseling couples.

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I am loving this book! Wish I had read it many years ago, before I began making so many of my own mistakes. It has touched me so deeply. My biggest take away is that it never too late to learn how to rethink love.

~ Rivka W

A deeply personal account of her own journey, Monica Berg’s Rethink Love will have you rethinking what it takes to find the one – and what it means to be the one.

~ Jason S

Reading this book forced me to be real with myself: about why past relationships didn’t work out, what subconscious beliefs (good and bad) I hold about love and dating, and the steps I need to take to build a lasting, loving relationship. Rethink Love isn’t as much about finding “The One” as it is about becoming “The One.” Its parables, anecdotes, and exercises all drove home that love isn’t waiting to be found somewhere out there in the world, but a muscle to practice and grow every day with every person.

~ Jacob S