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March 15, 2018
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More than any other month of the year, Aries grants us the ability to change and shape our destiny – or, as Rav Berg said, our outcome. Our outcome is unique to each of us, and the power to reveal our highest destiny is ours alone. Often, to change our destiny, we need to let go of the things that no longer serve us, whether it’s a habit, a relationship, or a limiting belief. In the upcoming weeks between now and Pesach, you may find that anything that needs to be released, changed, or cleansed will reveal itself to you — and, heads up, it usually comes in the form of conflict or confrontation.

If this has you shaking in your boots, don’t fret! Whatever it is that keeps us from our fulfillment, anything that is impeding our growth or stifling our happiness is no match for the energy in the next 12 days.

Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) taught that each of the first 12 days of Aries corresponds to and directly influences each of the 12 months of the year. For example, the first day of Aries holds the energy of Aries; day two is Taurus, day three is Gemini, and so on. The reason this information is so beneficial to us is that the way in which we think and behave on these 12 days will affect the nature of the rest of the year. We are given, in these 12 days, the opportunity to overcome anything that comes our way, challenges big or small.

Rav Berg described Aries as the “battleground to determine the outcome of all battles that will arise during the next 12 months.” While this can sound daunting and feel overwhelming, it is actually an incredibly supportive and powerful time.

Aries brings the intensity and fire that fuels the rest of the year. Ruled by the war planet Mars, it may bring conflict, but just as the anti-venom is contained in the venom, it also supports reconciliation and peace. Kabbalists explain that those born under this sign share a strong sense of competitiveness, impulsiveness, and forthrightness. They are leaders in ideas and pioneers of new advancements. They are typically headstrong and rival Taurus in their stubbornness.

Because the energy of each month affects us all whether we’re born under that sign or not, we are susceptible to the shadow sides of the energy as well, so this month is all about taking a pause. The challenge will be to think before reacting, to let go of defensiveness, and to embrace opposition. And there are few things that Aries tolerates less than opposition.

Here’s where the anti-venom comes in.

The kabbalists teach that the biggest indication that we are on the right path is if people oppose it — because true spiritual work requires opposition. Opposition creates the pressure that reveals the diamond. It is the muddy water that creates the lotus. It is the tight darkness that allows the caterpillar to become a butterfly. Our purpose in life is to grow, change, to reveal our potential. This transformation requires opposition, and this month I invite you to meet your only true opponent:


While we may perceive aspects of our reality to be our opponent — a person, a circumstance, a physical limit — the true opponent is actually how we react to it. The events of our lives are inherently neutral; something that feels terrible to someone, like a break-up or a job loss, might be someone else’s dream come true. The only difference is how it is perceived, and we have the power, in every moment, to choose how we want to see what happens to us.

As you move through this month of Aries, notice how you oppose yourself. Notice when you feel yourself reacting to something or someone from a place of lack or fear. How would what you are experiencing change if you saw the challenge as positive?

Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare, Marlon Brando, Lady Gaga; all are Aries and are known for their massive triumphs, their inability to be stopped, and their dedication to their vision. Aries are leaders and pioneers for a reason. Their capacity for desire is unmatched by any other sign in the zodiac. This is why opposition is so strong with Aries and why the work is developing patience, peacefulness, and flexibility of consciousness.

Planting the seeds of your grandest desire during Aries will bring about manifestation that you couldn’t even imagine — and with it an opposition strong enough to galvanize that manifestation. Your willingness to do the meticulous work of noticing the opponent within you will allow you to meet any outside opposition with grace and courage.

Those who reach great heights go against the grain. They welcome opposition. They stand up for what they believe in.

During Aries, we can make a greater commitment to push beyond what we think is possible, no matter what difficulty we find ourselves in, no matter what the challenges are, because, to quote my husband, Michael, “If our cause is noble — to bring goodness to this world — we have support from the universe while we push forward.”



This week, think before you respond. Think before you pass judgment. Question every thought and reaction you have in response to challenges that arise, big or small. Feel free to follow the 12 Days of Aries here: The Aries 12-Day Challenge 2018


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  1. mark greenstein : March 17, 2018 at 12:24 am

    When I first studied Kabballah 101, the first assignment was to meditate on all 72 names of G-d right before bed, and draw a line separating the left side from the right and write down on the left the most unfulfilled aspects of my life, and on the right the best accomplishments and good things that made me happy in my life.
    Well I remember meditating and then writing on the upper left first that i was seeking my soul mate, that was most important to me and still is. Secondly I wrote about the disturbing relationship I was having with my father. Somehow I knew it was a sin to hold negativity against my father for promises and compensation for a great deal of work and rennovation costs of the families brownstone in Manhattan from which I had spent a fortune on promises that for every dollar spend I would get back two dollars, and all these promises after my having spent a fortune, all were made and later broken. With the comment, “I don’t remmeber ever making any such promises, ” and “i don’t ever want you to bring this up again.” After he sold the brownstone with all my rennonvations and work to enhance the value three fold spending six figures of my own monies.
    although i spent nights tossing and turning feeling that i was betrayed, lied to by my father and it brought me much sorrow and grief. I felt hatred, and disdain for my oncem beloved father. He seemed to have no recoleection of any of his promises. Was he losing his memory? Was he suffering from alzheimers?
    That night, as I wrote on that paper, for my kabballah 101 assignment after meditiating on the 72 names, i placed the paper under my pillow and went to bed.
    I had the most miraculous dream. It felt so blessed and surreal. I dreamt I was with my father and we were both in a cave. And the cave had clear sparkling, drinkable water, So I knew this was a very special cave for any cave with clear, glistenning, drinkable water was one that could sustain you and therefore it was most holy, and very spiritual.
    In the center of the cave was a metal stairwell; leading up to another level, like a duplex. I was walking up the metal, big solid stairs of the stairwell inside the cave holding onto the metal railing and my father was also climbing those same stairs right behind me.
    As i got closer to the upper level, i noticed a hallway and immediately up the stairs was a big solid metal door. There was a room up there.
    As i climbed about 3/4 of the way i heard a voice, It was a blessed voice, for I felt my soul soar, in a way I had never experienced before. In fact, my soul felt like it was awakenned from a slumber. A long slumber.
    For a voice cried out to me from behind that big, metal , closed door leading into the room within. It was a voice I connected to immediately.
    The voice was that of a young boy, pehaps four years old. he creid out, “who is there!” in that, crackling. metallic high pitched voice, so eager and so alone inside that room.
    As he cired out again, I felt his eagerness for company, I felt his loneliness, i felt his desire for love. “who’s there?” He cried out again.
    I immediately shouted back, “its me. Its, Mark!!! I am here. ” As I raced up those stairs to be with him.
    Again I heard that same almost hysterical child’s voice calling out, “who’s there?” I could feel his neediness. I felt such a strong connection to that child as I rushed to be with him.
    And his loneliness would soon be ended. I wold bring him comfort and love that I wa s sure of.
    “it is me”, I yelled, now just within reach to open that door and comfort that child. ‘I am here! I am here for you.” I responded.
    The child cried out once again stillfrom behind that door as I reached to open that door.
    “Where is my dad? Where is my daddy!?” the child loudly cried out.
    and I answered, he is here, he is right behind me. ”
    And I knew that in my dream there was a lesson, perhaps a blessing, maybe a miracle, For that child was me. I was the child crying out for my father’s love. I was alone without his love, i would have been that boy and his cries reminded me of the great love I must have also had for my father at that age.
    And the love I had always had my father was rekindled. I later told him of my dream and we huggged and I forgave him since what is the value greater than the love for one’s father. can it be measured as being greater than any materialistic object? of course not.

  2. Monica, I always look forward to your insight. Take the credit you so deserve. Miriam

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