Michael & Monica in Dallas

April 23, 2015
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On Thursday evening, I will be speaking at a fundraiser for anorexia awareness in Dallas. Two years before Michael and I were married, I suffered from anorexia. I was 19 and it was the darkest and saddest time of my life. I felt lost, alone, and undeserving of love and happiness. Over those two years I did a lot of soul searching. I found my voice, I found my belief system, and I finally managed to discover the root of my fears and uncertainty about the future.

Today eating disorders occupy the same ground as alcoholism or breast cancer a few generations back. Awkward silence marks the subject. Without conversation, there is no light shed on the illness allowing stereotypes and myths to abound. Tomorrow night’s gala is designed to begin a conversation not just between adults, but between families and their kids, and I am grateful to have been asked to share my personal story. This is a special organization, and a cause that is very close to my heart. For tickets or to get involved and discover how you can help prevent eating disorders in children, please take a moment to visit: http://somethingforkelly.org.<http://somethingforkelly.org.

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