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October 17, 2013
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In honor of my teacher, Rav Berg, on the occasion of the 30th day of his passing I want to share a few words that have given me consciousness and strength.

Fear is not an option! ~Rav Berg









You must learn that everything you seek is already here, that the only true goal is to do good and reveal the Light. ~Rav Berg

The Zohar is the infusion of energy that is necessary to revive us from our deep and long slumber. The Zohar also revolutionizes our consciousness, thereby enchancing the quality of our daily lives.  ~Rav Berg










Consciousness is everything. ~Rav Berg

However beautifully constructed a violin may be, if it is played by someone ignorant of the principles of music and the technique demanded by the instrument, the ensuing noise will be anything but music. The sole mission of the Torah and kabbalistic wisdom is to teach us how to play the strings of the universe. ~Rav Berg











When we share we discover the secret of immortality. ~Rav Berg

There is no distance or separation between spiritual things. ~Rav Berg










Always remember: The Light will never fade away.  It is and always will be there for us.  But we must make room for its entrance into our own consciousness and into that of humanity as a whole. ~Rav Berg

The Light cannot be learned, it must be experienced. ~Rav Berg


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  1. Thank you for sharing Rav Berg’s words of wisdom.

  2. Thank you for sharing Rav Berg’s words of wisdom.

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