Nothing of Me

March 10, 2016
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Welcome to the second installment of Pisces (there are two months of Pisces this year). Kabbalists teach that different periods of time have different openings; specifically, they are channels that open unique opportunities for us depending on when they occur in time. Every month has a unique energy, and in order to make the most of it, we want to understand the gifts and the challenges inherent to it – because this energy not only impacts those born under the sign, but the rest of us, as well.


We all want to attract blessings into our lives, like children, a partner, a career, wealth. That’s where most of our focus goes, on attaining and manifesting MORE. That energy is brought into the world by angels that are allotted specific moments in time. Every month of the year has a different angel and an angel is simply a conduit for a specific type of energy. The angel of Pisces, whose name is Avrachiel, brings the energy of sustaining the blessings that we already have. That is what the month of Pisces offers us: the energy to sustain the relationships, career, and wealth we have already manifested.


Going deeper, the name Avrachiel means, “I will bless with the Light of the Creator.” This angel not only brings Light to sustain the blessings in our lives, but also brings the energy of a specific kind of miracle – the ones that are within the bounds of nature. For instance, when a sick person becomes healed, it is not outside the laws of nature. Perhaps the prognosis was very bad, but then very rapidly the person is healed. It’s a miracle, we say. And yes, it is. But what if that person were never to get sick in the first place? Wouldn’t that be better? Kabbalists teach that, in fact, that is the more profound miracle – the ones we often don’t even see.


Nothing of Me


How do we draw more of this sustaining energy into our lives? Simple, don’t take credit for your good fortune. All of the blessings and good fortune that you have in your life have very little to do with you; it is the Light of the Creator that has come down through you for whatever reasons. We have to simply remove all ego from what we have attained. There is a mantra for this month of Pisces, “Nothing of me,” meaning nothing I have done with my talents, genius, or perseverance has brought anything good into my life. It is only the will of the Creator. Only the Creator can awaken the miracles within nature.


So many people tell me, “I’m so worried. What if I don’t manifest? What if I just can’t make it happen?” News flash: It’s not you. Sure, put forth your best effort to manifest, but then invite the Creator in. Connect to your source and there is no end to what you can accomplish.




Identify the blessings in your life, things you may have attributed to hard work, luck, money, or being in the right place at the right time. Now, take yourself and all of these things out of the equation, and focus on the true catalyst for your blessings: the Light of the Creator. Nothing of me.

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